Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 7 - Completion

7 weeks ago I embarked on a journey to get into a level of fitness I thought was right for me. After 7 weeks, I think I found that. It wasn’t much, but I enjoyed the summer weather that allowed me to get into a form that I could be satisfied with. It’s not like I was running 6 miles for running 5 minute miles again, but I saw the improvements and noticed the flaws that were present over the course of 7 weeks. I maxed out at 2.25 miles, but every run was at least a mile or more. I varied the pace to assure I was getting the correct strength work and recovery work. At the end of the journey there was only one thing I needed: rest. As a runner who has suffered through many injuries, as they had come up over the course of 7 weeks, rest is essential. I need to let my body recover and let myself be motivated enough to strengthen the weak areas so that injuries don’t return when I resume the running. It’s been a lot of fun. The next test is to see how well I handle the runs in colder conditions. The one important lesson I’ve learned from this is that I’ve still have a lot to learn. So I’ll take the week off to continue learning.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 3 - Faster Than Before?

WELP! I missed my post for week 2 and almost didn’t bother writing one for week 3, but I had to get this one out. Week 3 out of 7 in this work out program I designed for myself and things are a lot better than expected. Sure, I feel a bit of pain in certain areas, but I’ve been listening to my body more and taking the appropriate measures to make sure they don’t worsen of the course of the next several weeks. The pace is faster, the strength is there, and I’ve been feeling so much better with this whole running consistently thing in my life.

I’m still trying to take it slow, hopefully not rushing with the pace so I don’t hurt myself again. The workout Saturday was the “Magic Mile”, running 7:19 on 80% effort. Being under 7 minutes could have been easily possible, but I’m in no rush to do so. I shouldn’t even be in a rush to do it at all because I’m not training for anything. It’s a nice touch to everything though.

Week 4 approaches, but the more exciting thing is the IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia going on all during the week. Lots of great track action from this weekend and even more upcoming. Read articles, tweets, or watch TV to keep up with it. I definitely am keeping myself updated.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 1 - Rediscovery

It’s been 2 months, I know. I haven’t updated this thing in a while and I really want to try to keep posting because it makes me feel happy. I went through some changes after I finished my Boston Strong Honorary Run in May. I got a job. Like a real job. With money and stuff. What I didn’t realize was that a full-time job really robs you of your free time. I also had to juggle with a summer class as well. Having those put together didn't allow me to work out as often as I wanted to and as hard as it is to believe, I actually put some pounds on only running 2-3 days a week. I just get tired after work and am too lazy to do anything.

Well, that all changed starting last week.

In order to better my fitness and improve my love for running, I decided to create a workout plan for myself. It seems to be the only way to get myself to run consistently is when I have a workout plan ready to go. There are no excuses with this plan and I can force myself to get out and do what I love to do.

Good thing the first week went better than I could ever hope for. I felt great and past injuries were not nagging me as much as they normally do. I tried to mix up the pace so that my body could get a little variety, along with different terrains. I think the only negative part of week 1 was that pacing on a track is REALLY HARD. I’m always going faster than I plan to go and it really throws the whole run off if you can’t get your pace together. It’s something I certainly will be working on towards week 2 and I’m very excited for it! So please, stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

26.2 Miles in 28 Days


Since May 1st I had run a mile a day until May 28th (today), where I ran 1.2 miles to complete a long journey o honor the Boston Marathon victims. I didn’t think running just one mile everyday for 3-4 weeks would hurt so much mentally and physically, but I toughed it out and completed it.
I know there were other ways I could have honored those victims, but I wanted it to do it my way, on my own terms, and man did it feel great! My “Boston Stands as One” shirt was worn on all running days and it smells of sweat, tears, and hard work.

I would have finished two days ago except I got sick for two days during the journey. It was so great to honor the victims, the history of the Boston Marathon and the city of Boston, and runners all over the world.

For now, it’s a lot of recuperation until I take on my next running journey. Had a lot of old injuries creep up towards the last week of running.

Thank you all for keeping up with my updates throughout the journey. I love you all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

16 Miles Down

Another week down. Another 7 miles down. I’ve been feeling really good this past week with my running and supporting the Boston Marathon each step of the way makes me feel even better. “Boston Stands as One”, that’s the shirt I wear on each run with pride, because supporting our victims, first responders, and fellow runners is something I feel is so important. It’s been a month since that tragic day, but people still need our help. My running is a reminder of that. Continue going out, running races that support these victims, donate to One Fund, etc. Just do whatever you can to help out. No one does this to our home. It just isn’t right.

Now back to my running. Some old injuries were creeping up this week, which is why my times are all over the place, but as I said, pace and fast times aren’t the goal. I’m not surprised the injuries are coming up because I took into account that I may be rushing into to running every day. I mean before I started I was running 2-3 times a week and to run 7 days a week for 26 days is a tough task for someone coming off injury. I’m staying cautious, but confident to get this done. I’ll update again next week.

May 12th - 1.0mi. 8:32
May 13th - 1.0mi. 8:35
May 14th - 1.0mi. 8:12
May 15th - 1.0mi. 7:34
May 16th - 1.0mi. 9:08
May 17th - 1.0mi. 9:12
May 18th - 1.0mi. 8:44

Saturday, May 11, 2013

9 Miles Down

I said in my previous entry that I wanted to do something to honor the Boston Marathon and its victims. It’s not the greatest idea that I had, but I decided to go forth with it anyway. From May 1st to May 26th, I decided to run a mile each day until I reached 26.2 miles, where the last day I run 1.2 miles instead of 1. Had a rough start, getting sick May 3rd and May 4th and was unable to run, but extended my program to May 28th to let it all add up correctly. I wear the “Boston Stands as One” shirt from Adidas on every run to honor it all. It allows me to also get back into a good fitness level and stay injury-free and sick-free. It’s been a lot of fun thus far and I know I’m far from being completed with it. 17 days left and I’m itchin’ to get out everyday and get my goals in. With school being over it only gives me more time to invest in it. Below is the results of times and distances of my runs using the Nike+ Sportswatch. Time isn’t really a big issue here, but I like to keep it as a statistic. I’ll try to keep everything updated each week so people who want to follow this will be informed. Once again, thanks to everyone who has honored this tragedy in their own way and for donated to One Fund.

May 1st
1.0mi. 8:50
May 2nd
1.0mi. 8:52
May 3rd
1.0mi. 7:56
May 6th
1.0mi. 9:12
May 7th
1.0mi. 9:00
May 8th
1.0mi. 9:09
May 9th
1.0mi. 9:16
May 10th
1.0mi. 8:14
May 11th
1.0mi. 9:08

Saturday, April 27, 2013


It’s been a long time coming, but I want to take this moment to update my blog like I committed to do. I know the past couple of weeks have been pretty tough due to the marathon bombings, but I won’t summarize anything because the news did a pretty good job with that.

As for my running, things have significantly slowed down due to pain in my right shin and my left ankle. I also caught a stomach bug this week that has kept me out of action for almost a week. I hope to start up tomorrow, with the weather looking even better each day. Also, with classes ending and finals on the way, I will have time to invest my time fully on running. Unless I get a must needed job over the summer, I’ll have to adjust.

I want to do something to honor the marathon victims in some way. I have some ideas and I’ll be sure to update on that idea in the coming days.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slower Start Than Expected


Third week in and it’s certainly not getting any easier. First I avoid the snow from last week and run this week being completely out of shape. Now I've apparently forgotten that school work picks up end of March to mid-April, making it twice as hard to get the time to run because I need to invest all my time into studying.

This week I managed a run on Sunday and Wednesday. Both were just awful. Temperature-wise, it was exactly where I could hope around this time. Those days were upper 40’s with just a slight wind, so a short-sleeve was acceptable. I tried to get a Friday run in, where it was 55, sunny, just a light breeze, but NOPE. School was calling me on a Friday. Had an assignment due online that Friday and had invested from 3pm-7pm working on it. After it was over, it was dark outside and I was just flamed out from the work I had to do.

Bunch of exams and projects due within the next two weeks and I will not be a happy camper. Definitely going to try and start a run tomorrow, because the week will just be too unpredictable to determine whether or not I have the time to run or not. I’m feeling the pain from old injuries, only because I haven’t had the time to strengthen them so all the progress probably got undone. I definitely will have to work on that.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snow Is A No Go

Blizzard 10:04

I used to be able to tough out runs that are cold and where snow is all over the roads, but it’s seriously a demoralizing feeling when you have those elements. I really wanted to keep my second week of running really good, but with that snowstorm that came on Tuesday, everything just went crap. I mean sure, the sun came back the next day, but I just wasn’t having it. It was still windy and cold and the snow is just an obstruction.

If I was healthy and in moderate shape, I would have gone out in the cold and done a good run. Since I am in the recovery stage, I decided to opt out of it. I want to be able to get the muscles nice and warm without having to do too much extra stuff. The cold would just require me to do too a little too much to get warmed up properly. It would take up too much time; time that I don’t have because of how much schoolwork I have to deal with every day. I got one run in on Monday, a nice, easy 10 minutes with death on the uphill I had to go through in the last two minutes. I definitely don’t have the endurance I want yet, but so far consistency has been the goal and I feel as if I have done that.

Week 3 will begin tomorrow and I will get a run in Sunday. Since it seems more snow is on the way Monday, I will have to start the week off earlier.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back With a New Focus

It’s been a long time coming, but I think I’m finally ready to bring this blog back to life and bring a whole new focus to it.

My blog basically consisted of many different topics over the past few years, but it’s time to just narrow it down to one thing. I’ve decided to have my blog focus solely on my running. People have probably thought that’s what the blog was all about the whole time, but seriously, take a look at my old posts and you’ll see that it hasn’t always been that way.

I want to change the focus because I need something that will keep me motivated to continue running. I’ve had to deal with and still have to deal with different injuries over the past few years and let me say that it has been a tough journey to come back and even run to stay in shape. It’d be nice to compete in a road race every once in a while, but that will never happen unless I get some nice, consistent, injury-free running.

I took this spring break to start a new schedule. I want to start running 3 days a week for about 10 minutes at a nice easy pace, but on the runs focus on the form and the way my foot lands on the ground. Before a run I’ll implement drills that get the muscles warmed up and stretched so that I have a full range of motion without any pain. After the run, focus on the core and strengthen old injury areas so that pain doesn’t return.

It’ll be a very slow process, but I’m feeling confident that something good will come out of it. I enjoy running and I like to stay in shape, especially during the school year, where it’s very hard to get workouts in because of classes and homework. The goal is to keep this blog updated every week with running progress or running information. It’d be like, a really good thing.