Friday, November 27, 2009

What to Do, What to Do, What to Do

Well, Thanksgiving was yesterday. I’m sure people enjoyed their football games and family get-togethers with Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, and not to mention that sensational Pie. Well, I was not one of those people who enjoyed the luxury of the Thanksgiving holiday, as my family does not celebrate it with open arms. So I “enjoyed” a very relaxing day. Of course, that entailed watching the last 10 minutes of the Burlington/Lexington Football game, only to go on a 5 mile run after it, and sitting at home for the entire day not doing anything. Of course, that time also gave me much time to think about certain things.

Realizing I am a senior and such in this secondary school system, I’ve come to think about the high school life, and what it contains. The education, the athletics, the pep rallies, skipping class, theater plays, and romance; I’ve analyzed too much of those. Well basically, it all has to do with what to do. I’ve always been a person who has a plan, who analyzes every situation before acting upon it. Does it always work? Well, I can say that it most definitely doesn’t in certain things that involve the school’s society.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, thinking too much doesn’t help much at all. Analyzing every situation, looking at all the loopholes and faults in play leads to failure at times. You’re looking for perfection, but all you’re getting is confusion, fear, and doubt. You’re afraid to act on your planned action, and then it would be too late to do anything about it. I’ve had many types of decisions like this before, and I spent yesterday looking back on all this. It’s annoying and painful to look back on, but hey, I had all of Thanksgiving to do so, and had to get my thoughts out the next day.

I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t really know what to expect anymore. Too much planning has caused enough fears and doubts to go on, and I don’t like missing opportunities, and I certainly don’t like ruining them either.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cross Country: The Essence of it All

Photo by Erin Rielly

With the conclusion of the 2009 Cross Country season for BHS, I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. Our meet this past Saturday was one of epic proportions; hard, pouring rain and muddy, wet puddles at every path. You’d figure they’d cancel a meet like that because of the weather, but that just wasn’t it. We ran through it with all efforts possible. Going through the puddles where the water is going up to our quads and getting dirt kicked into your face as if it was nothing. I think we all learned a very important lesson there. “When it rain, it pours”.

Except this meet wasn’t something to complain about. Every runner loathes for a day rain comes along during their runs because of how refreshing it is. You get drenched and you feel good along the way, never feeling tired and you could run for miles in the rain. I loved this meet from its start to its end. It’s my senior year, and last season of Cross Country. It was the perfect way to end the season with remnants of Hurricane Ida lying around Massachusetts.

This kind of weather condition really shows a person’s true character I think. To be able to fight the trenches of water so you don’t sink it is unbelievable, and to be able to continue moving your legs after being covered in piles of mud is showing true adversity in your surroundings. It’s the nature of the sport, really. You play a soccer game in the rain, and you’d feel the exact same way. Playing in puddles and mud with the challenge of getting that soaked ball into the goal. Football has that same connotation as well. I think rain makes it better for these sports, it’s really the essence of them all. I’m glad I got to end my last meet with a bang.