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Back Behind the Scenes

As a kid, I craved attention. I looked different for starters. I liked things that weren’t considered “cool”, therefore, I was cast aside. I always looked for ways to be with the majority crowd.
As I got older and wiser, it stopped becoming a priority in all aspects of my life. When I do have the spotlight, I try to divert it elsewhere. I don’t want it and I guess I kind of don’t like it either. What a turnaround for me.
Recent events have allowed me to realize how much I appreciate not being in the limelight. I don’t have to be “the face” or “the guy”. I don’t have to have all the answers anymore. I can work at my own pace and not be responsible for things I don’t want to be responsible for. While the learning experience was good, I’d like to apply in places other than a leadership-like position. Learning is good. Knowledge is power.
I don’t work for recognition. Seems like a wrong reason to be working at all. I let the work, the motivation, the personality speak for itself. The ones wh…

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