Shutting [Your Brain] Off (While Exercising)

Exercise. We all have reasons for doing it. Experts claim it’s good for you physically and mentally. I’d like to think they’re correct. You’ve heard me ramble about my reasons for running and I won’t be making a summary statement here on that. Based on my past experiences, I like to create a piece talking about the mental portion of exercise.

Exercise has always been a good way for me to clear my head. I think when your body is focused on the actual motion of itself, thinking about other things becomes much more difficult. It’s definitely a good thing. If I’m at the gym, on an elliptical or bike, I just shut my brain off and let my legs go through the motions. Kind of deep, right? Whatever ails us during the day, be it a work thing, life thing, or whatever, having a moment to not deal with it is bliss. I honestly could care less about the workout. I’m not sweating on the bike anyway. It’s just to keep my body in motion after sitting at my desk for 8 hours.

I was called out for it once. Someone told me it looked as if I wasn’t really putting much effort into my cardio. I just said that I let my body go and turn my brain off. There’s nothing to it. Not thinking for a guy who spends too much time thinking to the point it’s probably detrimental to his mental health is euphoric, almost. Truly a wonderful feeling to just be carefree. I mean you also burn some calories in the process as well.

Unfortunately I can’t shut my brain off completely if I’m out on a run. Someone has to make sure I don’t run aimlessly into the street or something.