Sunday, February 14, 2010

Overshadowed by Everything

Well, it’s vacation. Maybe not for some college kids, but for the some of the average high school students, yes. That gives me a lot of things to once again ponder over. For example, what I’m about to explain today is nothing more than another one of my personal opinions that involve my life. Enjoy reading that for another change.

I’ll explain this thoroughly. Ever have that feeling where you’re not getting enough attention or credit for something that deserves high credit? That’s my entire life. Whether it’s based on schoolwork or some athletic base thing, someone is not getting enough attention for their achievements. Why is that? You work long enough and hard enough to reach a certain pinnacle in your life and no one is there to give you the celebration you strived for. The hypothetical answer is, there’s someone out there who doesn’t have to work as hard to get the exact same achievement.

Yes, that person who is somehow given the natural talents to gain success overshadows the hard worker through sheer willpower. It gives you a sense of jealousy in you, doesn’t it? Your achievements were to give you the open opportunity to explore a whole new social network. People acknowledge you for your work and talents, and a sense a joy is infused with your extreme emotions.

That doesn’t happen, does it? To conclude and simplify, I’m not trying to prevent those overachievers out there to stop what they’re doing. I’m merely at base with the emotions they’re feeling when they’re not getting enough credit for what they do. I’m exactly one of those people. Whether I’m hitting the books, or gunning down someone on the oval, I get minimal credit.