Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Year in Perspective

4:50.87 - Well that was a good race!

As the New Year slowly approaches, I figure I’d try to put one last post to 2010 in the books. Basically I’m trying to put all my thoughts into words as to what has become a large impact this year. Anyone can say their year was awesome or a disaster. I feel that for most people, including myself, it’s more of a roller coaster rather than one trend. I suppose I’ll try my best to write out every detail going in my head.
2010 has been pretty interesting so far. Beginning as a very nerve-racking couple of months with expecting college letters and filling out financial aid forms and such. All that and being a high school senior was never really a fun time. It was very exciting to hear from the colleges that responded, but a much unexpected reaction upon reading the letters. I went through a streak of waitlists and deferrals with colleges I had believed were in reach in terms of acceptance, but I guess that wasn’t the case. Then again, being accepted to the other ones were ok too I suppose. In the end, I guess I can only be fortunate that I’m in college, even if it’s not the one I expected to be in. Plans to transfer? Definitely possible if the sufficient funds are available. If not, I’ll have to wait for the dream school as a graduate student (if I make it that far).
Now senior year of high school as I mentioned was a very stressful task one might say. College applications, final projects, term papers, guidance counselor appointments, and sports were all somewhat involved in a senior’s typical year. All that to prepare us into the real world. I’m not really sure how prepared are we for the real world after high school, but I guess we are. Graduating feels liberating. You’re free from being barred in a school building for 6 hours of education, and now being able to explore other places and have classes at the time of your choice. Your schedule belongs to you. I’m glad high school is over. It wasn’t really the best time anyway. I did skip senior prom. I don’t really regret that, but others may say otherwise. The all night grad party was a good time. Relay for Life was exciting. That’s all I really have to say for high school.
I move on to college, which I mentioned earlier, isn’t the college I expected to be at. I said to myself, “Hey, I’m lucky enough to make it somewhere, so I got to make the best of it”. Indeed I did. I studied, worked out, met new people, etc. All what’s good for college. I guess the only thing that gets to me in the campus itself. It’s not something I picture myself in. I guess I have high standards for campus life. I like the recreation center the best. I guess that insults every other building. Transferring is in question as long as money isn’t an issue. This place was fortunate enough to give me money to go here, so I guess I got to be grateful for that. Overall college is good. I’m still having fun despite where I end up.
I’m a big track guy. People in high school know about it, people in college know about it. I loved everything about it from the workouts to the fun facts, to the shoes (especially the shoes). A lot of people didn’t like me for it I guess, but then again, I was pretty useful when it came to large amounts of information. I worked hard at practice, and I was having a lot of fun at the same time. I believe that you can’t truly be successful in something just by working hard on it. You got to love what you’re doing at the same time, and have fun with it. Worked hard all my high school career just to be a state qualifier, and I did that, with the help of a large crowd. That was fun, and I’d give anything to lace up some spikes and get back into the oval if it weren’t for one little problem.
I’m not going to go into it much since I wrote a previous post about it, but to make it short, I’m injured. It’s going to take a long time to heal, and I don’t know if college track is in my future so far. My marathon plans were ruined, so for now I’m sticking as being manager at my college just to keep my track knowledge expanding. It’s still a lot of fun and I get to work in the coaching perspective of the sport this time.
I guess if there’s one thing I can take from this year, it’s that, you can’t always get what you want. There’s always hope to get to your goals, but don’t push your luck. Seriously. All in all, 2011 is open for more and more interpretation. Enjoy the New Year!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Ruined Plans

In the recent months, I’m been able to realize that I’ve gone through my fair share of ruined plans. This topic is my set of ruined athletic plans. My running has not gone through its best stages in roughly four months, or since the end of my last track and field season. I’ve gone from about running 35 miles a week, to about 2 miles a week. If I was currently an athlete, that’d be atrocious. Well, even when I’m not an athlete, that’s still disgusting.

I’ve gone through a shin injury for about 4 months. I guess it’s my fault, really. I never really took enough rest in order for it to heal properly. After seeing my doctor and firmly stating that I don’t have a stress fracture, I probably have an overuse injury. My doctor quoted “It could take up to six months to about three years for it to fully heal”. Please, two weeks is unbearable for me, and now I’m being told I could have to wait up to three years to be fully healed?

After hearing that, I knew my plans were ruined. You see, I planned on running the 115th Boston Marathon in 2011, and at the rate my injury is healing, it seems very unlikely. I mean, the pain is going away steadily with the correct treatment I’ve been applying, but the time it’ll take to get my body back into shape and then into training will be way past the marathon date itself.

Then I was thinking about 2011 Dartmouth Relays to run the mile unattached, but now I’m not too sure. It’s in January and I’m still not in shape to do anything yet, so it’s back to sticking to the rehab. It’s a long process, and it’s truly unbearable to not be able to run like I used to. I watch all the athletes training in college and I wish I could be running with them and feeling their pain. That’s my true obsession.

Hey, maybe 2012 will have better luck for me. You never know. Until then, I’m stuck in the sidelines, making my knowledge more useful than my legs.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Are You Deaf? Turn that Music Down!

Seriously, the music is too damn loud. When people are in their dorm rooms, why do some feel the need to turn the volume up on their stereo? You’re in a confined space, so why not put your music on a volume that you can hear comfortably rather than a concert hall? You’re probably not deaf, but you’re doing to be if you keep turning your music up. It’s such a bother at times. Some days you’ll hear a really good tune that is ok to bear while doing your homework. Then there’s just some horrible playlist of songs that you just refuse to listen to. So why is the volume up, really?

I hope it’s not because you want to be obnoxious or anything. Even if you’re not trying to be, you are. If you’re partying hard with a bunch of friends busting out some music, then that’s cool. If you’re alone in your room and decide to just turn up the volume for no reason, then you got to chill with that. People take power naps, sleep early, or study for tests and stuff. Sure, that’s what “quiet hours” are for. Except if you want to be a jerk and blast music during quiet hours any way, then there’s a problem. You might as well just lose your hearing in the process or something. Keep it down.