Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sleep is #1

If you’re not making sleep a priority, something must be wrong. It’s important to be well rested every day. Sure, you might need to down some caffeine here and there, but get your 6-8 hours consistently.

I probably haven’t slept well since 2004, but I’m still gunning for those 8 hours. I don’t want to be useless during the day when I’m working (then again, I could probably still be useless).

I am defined by my hours of sleep. If I don’t get enough, I’ll probably not want to do anything later in the day.

You know what sucks worse? I am incapable of taking naps during the day. I’ve tried, many times. I cannot doze off. It takes a red-eye flight cross country in order to do that for me I guess. Then I’ll end up falling asleep while eating dinner (true story bro).

Sorry mom. Sleep is greater than you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Enjoying Being Alone

Photo by JSLR Productions (2015) www.jslrphoto.com

This is seriously probably one of the best topics I will ever write about myself. Are you ready for the entertainment of a lifetime? Buckle up kiddos! Wait, I’m still talking to myself, right? No one else is reading this? Well, moving on…

I think the easy answer would be yes, I enjoy being alone. Though by my observation, what I’m exposed to tells me otherwise.

I mean, the pleasures of doing things on my own. Running, video games, television, reading, and many others. The only one to dictate the flow of these activities is me. It’s a wonderful thing. Though what happens when it becomes your routine, doing things alone? In a way, I kind of long for doing something with other people, but it’s not something I’m racing to do (har har, running pun not intended, so shut up).

I lie between the lines of many social groups, but none of which I can call my own. Each interaction makes it difficult for me to fit in. I don’t know why it’s so hard, but my reasoning probably isn’t so bright. I spend more time walking along the lines rather than crossing them. For the most part (let’s say 70%) it isn’t so bad.

What about friends you ask? I don’t have friends, DERP. If I had friends, they’d invite me to stuff right? Now I’m not going to get into this whole “Well why don’t you be the one to plan something” bullshit. I’ve been trying to plan stuff for years. Every time I try to plan something, it fizzles into nothingness. Then when someone else plans something, it’ll happen, but I’m somehow left in the dust. Might as well just be left in the back of someone’s brain, only to be remembered when it’s too late (some joke is here somewhere).

Maybe I’m forever fated to be alone. Though I don’t believe in that destiny thing. The cards I have been dealt, maybe they were dealt for a reason. Life is rough (and ruff too). It’s a thing. I’ll enjoy what I have, whether it’s with the company or others or not.

Now where’s that candied bacon?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

2016 adidas Boost Boston Games

What was once the adidas Grand Prix in New York has come to Boston. Known for its Street Meet, some of the best athletes competed on Charles St. between the Boston Common and Public Garden.

Who would've thought after all those years of watching the NBC broadcast of meet on TV while it was in New York that it would suddenly show up in Boston?

The athletes: Jenn Suhr, Yohan Blake, Warren Weir, Jason Richardson, Tori Bowie, Bianca Knight. These are the kinds of athletes you would expect to see in Rio this summer competing to attain eternal glory at the Olympics. To be just mere feet away from them as they gear up for Rio was just... exhilarating.

The location couldn't have been more perfect either. It was on Charles St. between the Boston Common and Public Garden. People who didn't even know the event was going on could just pass by and watch the meet. Great way to attract attention for a sport that doesn't get much attention until the Olympic year.

After the meet was over, I had some time to just relax. I walked over to the Public Garden and just took a sit and stroll. The sun was just beginning its descent and I could just bask and the ambiance and really just, take the whole afternoon in. Listened to some jazz play, took a picture of a swan, watched those cute ducklings make their way around.

As for next year, I might want to consider paying to get a good seat. Not that I would need it, but to watch the finish of the races, that would be a good place to have a watch.

Anyway, have a look at some of the photos I snapped over the course of the day.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Do I Trust My Government?

I guess the real question is if I even care about my government? I mean, it’s basically Jedis and Sith Lords bickering with each other with their mouths rather than lightsabers. Both want to do what’s “best” for the people. Of course, when one side wins, the other is somehow screwed over. Then they all want to find some middle ground to something. Does that middle ground even last long?

Let’s not even talk about who is bought and who isn’t. I’ll just assume everyone is bought. Makes it easy. You’re all sleazeballs. Sorry. I mean, government, politics, they’re all boring anyway. Don’t worry, I won’t complain about issues that could have been solved by being that “one vote”. I don’t care enough to be informed and make an informed decision. If there’s one thing I can trust the government for, it’s to keep me alive. Then again, hospital bills aren’t saving lives, so might as well just croak before I get the $500k bill for things that I probably didn’t need in order to save my life.

There, you happy? I wrote stuff.

Friday, June 10, 2016

What to Believe on the Internet

You do you. Believe what you want to believe. The internet is a strange place nowadays. Too much clickbait taking you this video where you don’t even know if it’s a fabricated production or if this news story is verified or not. Don’t even get me started on the various scientific studies going around. You can choose to avoid bacon because it causes cancer if you want. The studies don’t absolutely prove anything. If I get cancer from bacon, well shit, maybe that study was right, but I still love bacon and I won’t regret eating it even if I get cancer. Might as well suffer while eating something I enjoy.

Ok, back to the task at hand. There’s so much unbelievable stuff on the internet that it makes it quite difficult to take what you’re reading or watching seriously. Sure, there are verified sources like your local news network or like, ESPN or something that report some stuff to you that you will take seriously. Though on these networks, there’s always just one misreport that could tarnish their reputation for a day or two. Even if they’re a verified news source, I’d take everything with a grain of salt. Who knows how biased they are. Where do they lean towards? Are they LeBron or Curry fans? Do they like the Donald or do they feel the Bern (God, this sentence makes me want to fall asleep).

We all believe in different things. It helps us learn and grow. Just don’t try to push your beliefs on me. Don’t do it in a way that condescends me for believing differently. If I want to risk cancer by eating bacon, I should be able to do it without being put down for it. Been doing it for years. Wow, bacon and candy. Candied bacon? Sounds like two death sentences in one!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Having Self-Control

Self-control? Well that’s certainly something that could be useful for many things. I think that’s important to have so that one doesn’t do anything that they may possibly regret.

Thought self-control doesn’t have to have a severe result. It could be as simple as how long can you go without checking Facebook? Or can you stop yourself from grabbing a candy bar and just grab an apple instead? Things like that.

I’d like to think that I have good self-control. You, the one reader, might think otherwise after reading this. The only time I think I truly have bad self-control is when I’m excited for something to happen, but I don’t want it to happen too early or too late. I’m very good at planning something funny ahead of time, but the drawback is that when you plan it so well ahead of time, you want to play it as soon as possible. That’s tough to hold back because you know it’s good and you want the other parties to know it’s good also. What a great thing to have self-control for, right?

I think what’s better to have self-control for is when you’re talking to others. I’ve always been told, “Think before you speak”. That’s something that sticks to me. You never want to make something awkward or make someone angry or offend them. Hell, you don’t even want to annoy them. Words are important. How you choose to say them can make or break relationships. Conversations would always be awesome if people just thought of what they were going to say before they say it. As long as it adds value to the conversation, rather than just useless babble. It’s one of the reasons why I stay so silent. If I can’t add something when others or talking, might as well not talk. Listening is better. You can learn some new things along the way by listening to other people talk.

Don’t I have the greatest self-control ever? No? Well I figured I was the only reader of this post anyway so I can’t really be judged.