Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preventing Athletic Sickness

It's something that's come to my attention over the past couple of weeks. The end of the season and athletes are making the last push for a championship and the week before or the week of, they're getting sick. It's a major letdown because if it's serious, it ruins the potential chance of winning or ruining the training for the next season. Truly a sad moment. I guess it's best to try to explain why it happens and what is the best way to prevent it.

There are plenty of reasons as to why an athlete could get sick towards an important part of their season. I'll list a few.

1. Lack of sleep - for many reasons we all don't get enough of sleep. Whether it's school, partying, or something emotional. Not getting enough sleep means that your body isn't getting the right amount of time to recover after a hard practice.

2. Your relationship habit - Yes I know this sounds strange, but this can actually get you sick in terms of kissing and sharing drinks. Ever heard of "mono"? Yeah, that illness can kill a season. So don't kiss, at least too much.

3. Alcohol/Drugs - Ah the pleasures of the average college student and the occasional high schooler. I'm not too sure how drugs get you sick that much, but alcohol can increase your chances of getting sick, especially for athletes. After a workout, your muscles are really sore and need time to recover. Drinking alcohol actually inhibits the healing process and weakens the immune system, making an athlete twice as susceptible to getting sick. I know it's college and whatnot, but if you're gonna be a serious athlete, take the drugs and alcohol down a notch. It'd be to the best of you and your body's interest.

I'll conclude with some tips to try and avoid sickness during a vital part of your athletic career.

1. Get sleep. I know I mentioned it before, but getting the 8+ hours of sleep can do all the difference for you. Try to go to sleep around the same time so you don't throw your biological clock off.

2. Take cold medicine/vitamins. These can make all the difference. At the first sign of sick symptoms, take cold medicine until they subside. Also, a Multi-vitamin can help as well with the essential daily vitamins and minerals. I guess a class of OJ wouldn't hurt either.

3. Quit or cut down the alcohol. I said that earlier and I can't stress it enough how alcohol can affect your body in competition.

How influential is this going to be? Probably not going to be that helpful, but I'm getting a good thought out here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Social Networking Hype

This topic was inspired, surprisingly, from an assignment I had to write about in College Writing. It really got me thinking, “What’s the hype about social networking”? I mean there are millions and dare I say billions of people who are on different types of social networking sites. They can range from Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger, and whatever ones are going around now. We live in a large part of the technology age where we’re allowed to keep in touch with people through the internet. It’s crazy.

Has it changed us though? Instead of getting together and talking with your friends every day, most days are spent on instant messaging or blog posts for wall comments. Our form of communication is rapidly changing. I guess you could say Skype and ooVoo are the ones trying to keep it real with their video chats.

What do we use it for other than keeping in touch with friends? I guess some like to “creep” on celebrities using it, try to send a message about a certain local/world issue, or try to get some online fame themselves. I don’t know. To describe some social networks, I quote a friend of mine. “Myspace is for creeping on 14 year olds, Facebook is to creep on your friends, and Twitter is to creep on celebrities”. I guess basically we’re all creeping no matter what we use.

No matter what you use, keep doin’ what you doin’. Keep in touch with family and friends from all over the globe. That’s never a bad thing.