Monday, January 30, 2017

Does Facebook Ever Make Me Feel Bad?


I’ve probably mentioned it many times, but Facebook is basically a competition to see who has the best life amongst their friends and family. Everyone (myself included) crafts their posts in order to fish for those Facebook reactions everyone know and loves. They might even know they’re doing it. Their life, compared to mine, looking at it on Facebook, surely makes me feel bad. It makes me questions whether what I’m doing is truly fulfilling me. I’d like to think it does, but there’s always that one post that makes me wonder why the Facebook masses isn’t crawling to my post about life and dropping some “haha” Facebook reactions.

It’s a weird effect because I LOVE seeing posts about my friends’ lives. Facebook seems like it’s the only place right now to see that kind of stuff. Despite the love, there’s always that dark side that creeps in, trying to make my life feel so inferior to others. A strange and emotional double-edged sword. Life updates are all I really want to see. So all the political, current event stuff can just stay away. I can’t be swayed. I can’t be made attentive to something. Show me a picture of a cute baby in your family. Show me your everlasting smile and sparkling eyes doing something really cool. I may throw a “like” there. Maybe even a “love” if I’m really feeling the emotions. I’ll feel bad about myself, but I’ll feel awesome for you. Or feel awesome for your dog or cat.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Do I Want To Live To 100?

Didn’t we go over this already? Read “What I Want to Do With My Life”.

Living to be 100 would be pretty cool, just to reach the number only. Would you expect yourself to be lively and up and walking at normal speed at 100? Do you think you’d be able to drive a car at 100, cook your own food at 100, or even wipe your own butt at 100?

I wouldn’t even know if I would get to 100. I can’t look that far into the future. All I can say now is that I wouldn’t want to be burden to anyone who would be obligated to take care of my frailness. A retirement home would probably do some good, but who is paying for that? Money isn’t cheap, especially when it comes to taking care of your livelihood.

I still think 40 is a good number to either retire to expire. Retiring gets you to 50, then you’re done. If it’s possible to do the daily tasks at 100 the same way I could do them at 30, then I might consider wanting to live up to that age.

For now, I’ll stay with being 60 years short.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Am I Afraid Of?

Bugs. Sorry ladies, I will not kill that spider for you. Unless I have a bottle of Windex at hand, then we’ll be talking. Or one of those guns that shoots salt at them, that would be an entertaining, yet scary experience.

I think that’s it though. Bugs just feel weird. They look weird too.

Like a previous post, I’m pretty afraid of being a failure. Though that’s weird to say when you feel you’re already a failure in what you do. When you’re not given a chance to prove anyone otherwise, it’s hard to not feel that way. Some people are afraid they can’t live to others’ expectations. Or they can’t live up to the expectations they envision in themselves. I know that eats at me a lot.

It’s also weird to think people are afraid of death. It’s part of life. Birth and death are the two things we as humans have in common. There’s no changing that. I accept the concept of death. Maybe people are more afraid of how they die. Burning building, overdose, shot, etc. I don’t know.

Though back to bugs. They’re terrible. I still won’t kill them for you. Just give me a shoe and we might talk.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thoughts on New Year Resolutions

They mean nothing if you don’t commit to them.

I did it once. To swear off soda for a whole year, which I did to completion. I made no plans to make other resolutions for other years. Mainly because overall I think the concept of New Year’s Resolutions are dumb.

It’s only symbolic because it’s the whole “brand new year, time for new beginnings” concept. Without the whole terminology, resolutions are just goals and goals are things you can set any time during the course of the year.

To spend a whole year trying to accomplish one specific thing is near impossible. Things change and honestly, it makes you commit less to it over time. Your motivation is lost because it’s either something you’ve been telling yourself to do every new year, or you’re not committing enough to it because so much time has passed by.

I prefer to set goals on a monthly basis. That way, if you fail one, you can readjust and work on trying to improve your approach. This gives you a monthly review to look within yourself and keep yourself oriented on what you want to achieve. You wait until the end of the year to do that, you might forget what your resolution was in the first place. Also, you probably don’t remember every event that caused you to fail it.

Everyone has a different approach to it. This is mine, which I consider the approach for serious failures who often have more failed goals than successes, because failure is the driving force.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Do I Have A Best Friend?

I view the whole “best friend” conundrum to be more of a childhood farce. Somehow we have it all imprinted in our minds at a very young age that we need a best friend. As if all our other friends were suddenly of less value.

I remember a childhood memory of mine where I had ranked “best friends”. I think I had like, 6 of them. Obviously I wasn’t following conventions. How can one have multiple best friends? Being the “best” is equivalent to being #1 at something. You hold that title.

As one gets older, I believe that the whole best friend thing fizzles out. Just the term itself, not the person. Well, that’s probably not 100% true. You become exposed to so many different kinds of people and you grow close to those types of bonds to the point that it’s very hard to single out who is the “best” of them all. That might be a pretty good resolution. It’s probably better to have a bunch of close friends than having a best friend and a bunch of close friends.

It’s funny. These are the kinds of opinions coming from the guy who feels he’s all alone and his friends are gone and also doesn’t think he deserve friends, even when he has them because the world has given him rotten lemons and stuff. Well, take it as you will.