Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Day 2 and Aftermath

It’s the day before Halloween and Sandy has either continued or stopped causing destruction across the east coast. It has been quite a couple of days of rain and wind, with many affected by these actions. Home have been destroyed, flooding has made roads inaccessible, flights to the east coast are continually cancelled, and many children whose Halloweens have been compromised for the second straight year. Schools where Sandy had hit most continue their cancellations to possibly the end of the week with all the damages done to surrounding areas that obstruct students’ means of transportation.

Just where I’m from, the damage was limited to minor flooding and some major power outages across the county. There are people I know who still wait for their power to return. Other than that, the second day of Sandy was not bad. The sun broke out at times, and the weather was warm, if not a little humid. There was a little rain here and there and also the mini storm just a little while ago. Though the damage around me was minimal, it doesn’t mean that everyone else had the same luck. So hopefully those areas will be able to get back up and running soon, because winter is coming, and who knows what that brings.

Also, to those students who complained that school didn’t get cancelled for a second day, you really should have looked at the weather today. It was nice. Yes, I understand that your area was probably affected by the storm and you couldn’t make it to school. You shouldn’t complain that school is still in session even though your town is a mess. Just don’t go to school. You are old enough to make the informed decision to be safe. The school is open because it deemed the weather and facilities were operational enough to hold classes for those students on or off campus. The school will never put themselves over your safety, because that would just be ridiculous.

Happy Halloween to those who will be able to have it tomorrow, and hopefully those whose Halloweens are ruined will still be able to enjoy it. Now I will sit and ponder as to why Assassin’s Creed III still hasn't arrived to my house yet. It’s probably storm related for all I know.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Day 1

Well it has certainly lived up to its name as a hurricane. Sandy has been a force to be reckoned with along the east coast, with rains and winds slowly picking up since about 10:30 this morning. So far I’ve seen many pictures with high crashing waves and reports of power outages all across New England. I lost power around 5pm, so I have nothing better to do than type this from my cell phone. As far as I know, the wind is supposed to die down around 8pm, but that remains to be seen. Then the question of when power will be restored to those affected and whether or not school and work cancellations will continue. As I ponder and watch this storm from the comfort on my own home, stay safe everyone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


As the start of school looms over me once again, I decided to make my declaration to make have some serious refocus for the next school year. Last year was a rough one, and I had my share of the ups and downs with the workload from my classes. Somehow I managed to survive, but barely after my grades destroyed any morale to start the summer off on the right foot. I must make a plan in order to recreate the success I had from my first year in college.

Last year, there were too many distractions to keep me from studying efficiently. I need to devote all my time to my schoolwork. Unfortunately my major requires me not to have a life, so I sit and read stuff all the time. The method helped with my grades. Can I have the luxury of having a life once in a while? Definitely. The bottom line is school is the number one thing to me right now, and I want to be successful.

Another thing that needs to be refocused is sleep. I normally never sleep well at night even though I go to bed at a good time. It’s hard to refocus this, but I believe I’m in a good environment where I can go to bed early and wake energetic enough to get through the day and not crash early into the night. It’s the crashing early in the night that makes me lazy and not motivated to finish work early or on time.

The balance between school and life shouldn’t be hard, but I feel professors make it so with the big workloads. I try to start things early enough so I can finish them early. I also want to have time where I can exercise as well. I don’t want to spend the whole week doing homework and not working out because that just isn’t healthy for the body. To go out for a run or go to the gym and lift is something I feel is essential to college life. After a workout I feel cleansed and a little happier with my day.

So there it is, the big changes I need to make for the 2012-2013 school year have been stated. It’s time to work hard to make these changes a reality and have a successful year.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Olympic Highlights

 It’s been a week since the Olympics ended, and I thought I should gather all my thoughts together and create a big post on what I thought were some of the biggest highlights from the games. It was certainly a pleasure to watch all these athletes compete because they really put on a great show.

Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time. With 22 Olympic medals, 18 were gold, 2 were silver, and 2 were bronze. He has the most Olympic medals, most earned in a single Olympics, which is 8 from his 2008 journey (all gold). He said that this was his last Olympics. Many people certainly doubt this and he will return in Rio. I remain hopeful, but that is his choice to make. For some people it’s hard to walk away from a sport they love. Phelps make a legacy out of himself, and I’m going to remember that.




Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky both made names for themselves at these Olympics. Missy Franklin set the world record in the 200m backstroke, and won 5 medals (4 gold, 1 bronze), making her second to Michael Phelps with most medals at the games. At 17, she has a whole career ahead of her, and what makes the bigger headline is that she has refused endorsements in order to swim in high school and college levels. Katie Ledecky is the youngest member of the entire U.S. Olympic team. Only 15, she set the American record in the 800m freestyle and won gold. These two athletes are certainly the upbringing of a great young generation.

Third time’s a charm for Allyson Felix. After all the controversy with the 100m dead heat at the U.S. Trials, she finally won a gold in her best event, the 200m. She said that running the 100m always helped her with the 200m, and it certainly did. After finishing with two silvers in the event, she earned the gold, along with a 4x100m WR, and a 4x400m gold medal. Well done Allyson.

Apparently lightning CAN strike twice in the same place. Usain Bolt has proven that. He became the first Olympian to successfully defend his Olympic title in a sprint event since Carl Lewis in 1988. The 100m he set a new Olympic record and then followed up with a 200m win and a 4x100m world record. The fastest man on the planet continues to electrify the world, and at next year’s World Championships, he is sure to do so once again.

Great Britain’s golden girl has made headlines all over the world. Jessica Ennis won the Heptathlon at the Olympic Games to start off the track and field portion and she did it in stunning fashion. Hearing the crowd cheer for her at every moment was certainly exciting.

The “Mobot”. Mo Farah that is certainly the correct way to celebrate after being the first British athlete to complete a double victory in the 5000m and the 10000m. Both the races were great to watch because how the race played out went in his favor. Mo is known for a great finishing kick, as is Bernard Lagat, and once that last 400m came and he was in the perfect position, Mo went for gold, twice.

Oscar Pistorius made Olympic history. He is the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics against able bodied runners, and it’s certainly something to remember. He was able to compete in the individual 400m semifinals, where he did not qualify for the final. He also ran in the 4x400m final as the anchor. It’s truly something to be grateful for, and I am grateful to have watched him run.

Last but not least, the queens of volleyball. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings completed the three-peat at the Olympic Games, defeating their compatriots, Jennifer Kessy and April Ross. I’ve been watching these two since their first Olympic gold in 2004, and to see their third one is just great. Although Misty is retiring from the sport, Kerri wants a 4th Olympic gold in Rio. We will just have to find out how this plays.

Well, this has been definitely an exciting post to write. I know everyone else has a different opinion about their biggest Olympic highlights. I left out Gymnastics because I actually didn’t watch any of it, even though Aly Raisman, and MA native was in it. She’s from Needham and trains in Burlington, which is really cool, but I won’t write about any sporting event that I haven’t watched, and I didn’t pay attention to much of the gymnastics portion of it. If you do get to the bottom of this post, thanks for reading the rest of it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet Our 400m Olympic Team

LaShawn Merritt: The defending Olympic champ is looking to defend his title in London. After serving a 21 month suspension and winning silver at the 2011 World Outdoor Championships, LaShawn Merritt won the 400m Trials in 44.12. He has been in great shape thus far, but last week at the Diamond League Meeting in Monaco, he had to pull out during the end part of the race. Hopefully he is healthy and ready to go.

Tony McQuay: This University of Florida Gator has been making a name for himself the past couple of years. He is a 2 time NCAA Indoor Champion, 2012 NCAA Outdoor Champion, 2011 U.S. Champion, and the runner up at his year’s trials. He ran 44.49 to finish second behind Merritt, and will look to build on his international experience after competing only in the heats at Daegu last year.

Bryshon Nellum: If anyone can be a true example of hard work and dedication to the sport, it is this young man right here. Bryshon Nellum was shot 3 times in the leg after leaving a USC party and doctors said he would never run again. 3 surgeries and an Olympic trial later, he is now an Olympian, after running a personal best 44.80 to get third place.

Sanya Richards-Ross: This is Sanya’s year. As I said before, she is in the shape of her life. She won the 400m Olympic Trials in 49.28, tying the meet record set by Chandra Cheeseborough in 1984. Later on, she finished third in the 200m, allow her to double in events to try and win her first individual Olympic gold.

DeeDee Trotter: She has been struggling the past couple of years, but 2012 I believe is the year DeeDee Trotter puts it all together. She ran 50.02 at the trials to finish second behind Sanya Richards-Ross, and she has never looked better. She is a two time World 4x400m gold medalist and a 2004 Olympic 4x400m gold medalist. She had years of experience, and she’s taking that with her to London.

Francena McCorory: A rising star, Francena McCorory is establishing herself in the elite ranks. The American record holder in the indoor 400 (50.54) while only a senior at Hampton University, she finished third at the trials in 50.43. She is also part of the 4x400m team that won gold in Daegu last summer.

I am most likely not going to finish every single event before the Olympics begin, but I am going to do my best. It is hard to motivate myself to write these things because it takes a lot of time into doing accurate research on each athlete.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet Our High Jump Olympic Team

Jamie Nieto: 35 year old Jamie Nieto won the U.S. Trials with a jump of 2.28m. He was an Olympian in 2004, where he finished 4th in Athens, one place out of the medal slot. He’ll be the veteran leading the other two into London, hopefully bringing home a medal.

Erik Kynard,Jr.: He finished second at the trials also at 2.28m, but he took more attempts to clear it, giving him that second place. He’s a two time NCAA Champion in the high jump, and placed 7th in the qualifying rounds at Daegu last year. He’ll be bringing that experience with him to London.

Jesse Williams: The reigning world champion almost didn’t make the team. With the rain pouring on the competition, his approach was off and it almost looked as if he wasn’t going to make this team. He cleared 2.28m and placed 4th based on the number of attempts to clear the height. Fortunately, he made the team because 3rd place finisher Nick Ross did not have an Olympic ‘A’ Standard and Jesse did, giving him a ticket to London. He will be one of the favorites to get a medal in this event.

Chaunte Lowe: She had a baby a year ago, but Chaunte Lowe is continuing her success right where she left off. She won the high jump with 2.01m at the Olympic Trials. She won the World Indoor Championship in Istanbul earlier this year as well and is one of the favorites to win a medal in London.

Brigetta Barrett: She placed second at the trials with a height of 2.01m. She is the 2011 U.S. Champion in this event, a 2 time NCAA Indoor Champion, and 2011 Outdoor Champion in the high jump. She finished 10 at the high jump final in Daegu last year.

Amy Acuff: She finished third at the trials with a height of 1.95m. Amy Acuff will be making her 5th Olympic team, which is pretty spectacular. She has a large resume in international competition, but hasn’t gone home with many medals. Hopefully 5th time is a charm in London.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Our 200m Olympic Team

Wallace Spearmon, Jr.: In 2008, he placed third in Beijing in the 200m, but was disqualified for a lane violation coming around the turn. Since then, Spearmon has been waiting for the day he could return and compete for redemption and that Olympic medal. He won the 200m in 19.85 to qualify for his ticket to London. He is coached by his father.

Maurice Mitchell: The two-time NCAA Champion in the 200m punched his ticket to London running a 20.14 to place second at the trials. The senior from Florida State will be working hard to compete with the top elite in the international level come the Olympics

Isiah Young: Ran 20.16 at the Olympic trials for to be the third qualifier for the Olympics. He was fourth at this year’s NCAA outdoor championship and third at the indoor championships. Like Mitchell, he’ll have to continue his hard work to be able to get in medal contention against the top notches.

Allyson Felix: Though she earned the 100m spot in all the controversy, this one was no contest. Allyson Felix won the 200m at the trials in 21.69, a new personal best and the world’s fastest time. This event is what she calls her “baby”, and she’ll be gunning for the Olympic gold that has eluded her in the past 2 Olympic Games. She has gold in the World Championship 200m, but none in the Olympics.

Carmelita Jeter: She placed second in the 200m at the trials in 22.11, and now is on her way to compete in a 100/200 double just like her compatriot, Allyson Felix. Jeter also won the 100m at the trials. We still haven’t seen the Carmelita Jeter of 2011, but hopefully with her training, she will emerge at the Olympics.

Sanya Richards-Ross: This woman is in the shape of her life. The American record holder in the 400m is now doing a 200/400 double at the Olympics. She finished third in the 200m in 22.22 and first in the 400m. I would like to say her fitness is like a Michael Johnson fitness when he competing at the Olympics, but I can be certain. All I know is that she’s putting out times worthy of a champion, and I can wait to see what she does at the Olympics.