As the start of school looms over me once again, I decided to make my declaration to make have some serious refocus for the next school year. Last year was a rough one, and I had my share of the ups and downs with the workload from my classes. Somehow I managed to survive, but barely after my grades destroyed any morale to start the summer off on the right foot. I must make a plan in order to recreate the success I had from my first year in college.

Last year, there were too many distractions to keep me from studying efficiently. I need to devote all my time to my schoolwork. Unfortunately my major requires me not to have a life, so I sit and read stuff all the time. The method helped with my grades. Can I have the luxury of having a life once in a while? Definitely. The bottom line is school is the number one thing to me right now, and I want to be successful.

Another thing that needs to be refocused is sleep. I normally never sleep well at night even though I go to bed at a good time. It’s hard to refocus this, but I believe I’m in a good environment where I can go to bed early and wake energetic enough to get through the day and not crash early into the night. It’s the crashing early in the night that makes me lazy and not motivated to finish work early or on time.

The balance between school and life shouldn’t be hard, but I feel professors make it so with the big workloads. I try to start things early enough so I can finish them early. I also want to have time where I can exercise as well. I don’t want to spend the whole week doing homework and not working out because that just isn’t healthy for the body. To go out for a run or go to the gym and lift is something I feel is essential to college life. After a workout I feel cleansed and a little happier with my day.

So there it is, the big changes I need to make for the 2012-2013 school year have been stated. It’s time to work hard to make these changes a reality and have a successful year.