Saturday, August 27, 2016

Side Effects of a Digital Life

Why do anything when you can sit on the couch chill on Netflix all day?

The digital world has changed us for sure. Glued to Facebook and Twitter to keep up on the latest news of friends and celebrities. Statistically increasing the number of ‘selfie’ related deaths each year. I mean, we killed a dolphin when everyone wanted to take selfies with it. Too busy trying to get fans on Vine and that stuff with Snapchat… still don’t get it.

Or reinventing the wheel with Tinder, Grindr, you know, online dating. How does it really affect us though?

Do we feel left out when friends post about their activities, but you weren’t there because you weren’t invited? Do you see photos of people's’ family and ever wonder why you’re still sitting in front of your computer, waiting to get in an Overwatch match?

I think it’s the reduction of social interaction over time due to technology that causes some sort of psychological shift. We’re stuck overanalyzing the things we see or read because well, there’s enough time to do that. It’s not as if you’re being shown the pictures in person or you’re actually at the event with your friends. Those are the distractions that keep you in the mix, without having to overthink your life.

It is just the way we have adapted to the things that we have been given. Of course, not everyone is like this. It’s a small percentage, but I believe there are some people who have found the perfect balance of physical and digital lives. Though there are some who refuse to be on Facebook or are reluctant to get a smartphone. It’s probably not because they’re afraid of these types of side effects, but it could be many things. They just keep life simple and only need what they really need out of their digital life.

Adaptability. I guess that is truly key.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

What If The Internet Wasn’t All Anonymous?

Think about it for second. No more 10 year old trolls hiding behind their keyboards on YouTube or people free to say what they will in the comments section of The Washington Post because they have an anonymous account.

Your account name online is your first and last name. That is it. Will you still comment the same way you would if you were anonymous? Probably not.

Though let’s think of it this way. Facebook is a perfect example of this. You like a Facebook page and you comment on it. Your name is out there with your comment. Are the people there, fully knowing that they are exposing themselves to potential backlash, writing in the same way they would if their account was anonymous? Tough to measure.

I’m sure there are people who absolutely do it, regardless of anonymity. But with the power lost across all internet resources, I’m sure you will see how many people will keep their mouths shut. In a way, now that you’re in the open, with no shield, you’re truly going to be held accountable for what you write. Held accountable in the way that you’ll probably get a multitude of private messages outlining death threats or how a terrible person you are for what you wrote and that you should not exist and such.

At least that 10 year old troll probably will think twice before telling you that you suck at Call of Duty. Then again, it’s a 10 year old, so it might not stop them.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

This is as not real of a holiday as you can get and probably one of the most depressing ones. It’s hidden name is also “Singles Awareness Day” because anyone who doesn’t have a loved one to share this day with easily left in the dust. Story of my life.

Remember in elementary school when you had to buy the dumb cards and give it to everyone in your class? Your teacher basically gave you a list of everyone’s names so you could write them all down. You couldn’t leave anyone out. I bet people still did. Also, even if you did get a valentine card, that person would go out of their way to still say they don’t like you or you’re  a loser or you’re ugly or something. Valentine’s Day while young was sure some popularity contest.

Though this day is almost just as pointless as Mother and Father’s Day to me. You love someone? Love them every day. Get them things on occasion to show how much you do. You don’t have to wait for this one day every year to forget to get them something the day before. If you don’t do it, socially you’ve just become an asshole. Because society likes to dictate how we should treat people on these ridiculous holidays.

Just remember, these are MY thoughts. They’re not a universal way of thinking. So you can go ahead let your loved one hate you for not getting them something for Valentine’s Day. I mean, it’s not as if it’s their birthday or anything. Then you’re screwed.

PT Week Six 2016 (FINAL)

I finally made it. End of the road.

Physical therapy is now over. I've taken all I've learned to heart. Truly another learning experience.

As I had mentioned in week one, my expectations were low and I was right to set them low. History showed PT did not work to its full potential and honestly, I don't think it did here either.

My leg feels at about 70%. I'm only just starting to run again, but mixing it with walking and doing it all on turf. The pain is neither getting worse nor better at this point, so the only thing left to do is try running and continue exercising and strengthening the muscles.

I wonder if the pain is just going to be there permanently. Was it because I spent too much time being stubborn not seeing a doctor, so I added some permanent damage to it? I don't even know.

So what are my options now? Well, I figure I continue trying to run to see if I can even get to a point where hitting the road is possible. I need to continue the exercises I've learned and make sure I remember the exercises.  I guess having six weeks of logs would be helpful to remember the exercises. Of course, there's always the possibility of surgery. If it is indeed some sort of compartment syndrome, I can always go back and have them run tests to confirm it, then schedule surgery. I'll try avoiding surgery again this time and then when and if I'm financially inclined, if it's not getting better, think about going under the knife.

It's been a tough journey. At least I'm a little less busy now that I don't have to drive to and from.

Friday, August 12, 2016

PT Week Five 2016

A week left before it's all over. The only difference is I at least got to run this week! Well, "run" is a very loose term.

5 minute walk, 1 minute jog for 30 minutes. I did that on a turf field. One lap around the track for a warm-up didn't feel great after hitting the 200m mark. Unfortunate.

The run itself wasn't bad since the surface was softer and the pace was lighter. No pain from that. The muscle itself was more tender the next day, not sure if it's because it's getting the rust off or what.

All I can say is right now, it's not getting worse, but it's also not getting better. All I can do is continue doing the exercises and stretches and hope something will change for the better as I gradually attempt to get back to normal running, or we can talk surgery in the coming months.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Is Trying Too Hard to Be Happy Making Me Sad?

Seriously, who is coming up with these questions? They’re so good!

The answer is yes.

Why go through all the effort if you’ve constantly received nothing in return? You could just stop trying to be happy and be sad, but hey, at least no one is making you sad but yourself.

You can do all the activities that make you happy by yourself and you can truly be happy by doing that. Though constantly doing all those things that make you happy by yourself starts to add up. Then you’re clouded with thoughts of your utter loneliness, unable to figure out how to fix it.

You try to bring others into your fold, attempting to fill some gap in your lack of happiness. Except the others don’t give you the time of day. You’re a speck of dust, only to be caught every few months or so. Remembered not because they remember you, but because you remember them. You’re always making the effort, forging your bonds in a one way street, but no one want to build the other street.

In fact, that might make your more sad than happy. Because no one cares about you like you care about them. You’re not in their thoughts as often as they are in yours. There is no reciprocation. Then you hit your final 3-pointer. Shut back down. Stop the effort. Accept that no one is going to make you a priority in their life. No one will knock on your door or give you a phone call at a moment’s notice.

Don’t try too hard to be happy. Because it’s more painful than it’s worth.

Did you like my semi-life story telling? I thought it was ok. Ok, stop talking to yourself.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

PT Week Four 2016

Is that light at the end of the tunnel getting closer?

Saturday virtually no pain was present. Never been so shocked in my life. I did not of the exercises or stretches out of laziness and took a 25 minute walk in the evening to hatch an egg in Pokèmon GO. It felt right as rain.

Sunday was not as great, as the evening was moderately painful. I still can’t explain what made it that way. My habits still haven’t changed.

Now to the actual appointment. Something new happened! I was given clearance to hit up the stationary bike for five minutes. FIVE WHOLE MINUTES! Those 20 calories burned were like a dream come true. Overall, no pain, so that’s certainly uplifting. The only thing left is to keep those random flare ups to a minimal.

Exercises were lunges and balance exercises on the foam board. Also I did squats on a balance board. For a guy who prides himself in balance, I suck at balance.

Day 2 continued the trend of some pain free status.

Overall we continued the usual exercises of lunges and squats. A new type of lunge was showed to me where I do it backwards. Also did some taps on a box to basically test the leg and see if doing a type of running motion would cause pain. Did that for 20 seconds, felt no pain.

Ended the session with another five minute bike ride! Things seem to be looking up and we’ll head into the weekend to gauge whether or not I can begin a running cycle again.

It’s been a long journey. Mentally tough, but excited for what’s to come. Just got to stay consistent.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Do I Believe That Everything Happens for a Reason?

Good question, prompt. For the most part, yes. All the things that happen are causal. Even if it’s not clear, the reason is there. Why did I wake up this morning? Why is my car not starting? Why did I decide NOT to walk in front of the FedEx truck this afternoon? Things like that.

Of course, we’re reading something I’m writing, so obviously we’re going to get into something that may or may not make sense. What if some things don’t have a reason? What if we’re just fated by some higher power to deserve what happens to us? What if we’re just living a simulation like Elon Musk  says and we could instantly wake up from it?

Now since we’ll require my own opinion here, I believe there are some things that have happened to me for no reason whatsoever. Did I deserve these things? If I did, it’s not clear as to why I do. So, I believe there is no reason attached to it. It was just handed to me on a platter. If it was lobster, that would be a good platter, my friend.

We all, for the most part, have studied causality in some way, shape, or form. It’s in our nature to now find reasons to every phenomenon that happens in the world and in our lives.

Of course, just make it easier on yourself. Just not care about it.