Tuesday, May 28, 2013

26.2 Miles in 28 Days


Since May 1st I had run a mile a day until May 28th (today), where I ran 1.2 miles to complete a long journey o honor the Boston Marathon victims. I didn’t think running just one mile everyday for 3-4 weeks would hurt so much mentally and physically, but I toughed it out and completed it.
I know there were other ways I could have honored those victims, but I wanted it to do it my way, on my own terms, and man did it feel great! My “Boston Stands as One” shirt was worn on all running days and it smells of sweat, tears, and hard work.

I would have finished two days ago except I got sick for two days during the journey. It was so great to honor the victims, the history of the Boston Marathon and the city of Boston, and runners all over the world.

For now, it’s a lot of recuperation until I take on my next running journey. Had a lot of old injuries creep up towards the last week of running.

Thank you all for keeping up with my updates throughout the journey. I love you all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

16 Miles Down

Another week down. Another 7 miles down. I’ve been feeling really good this past week with my running and supporting the Boston Marathon each step of the way makes me feel even better. “Boston Stands as One”, that’s the shirt I wear on each run with pride, because supporting our victims, first responders, and fellow runners is something I feel is so important. It’s been a month since that tragic day, but people still need our help. My running is a reminder of that. Continue going out, running races that support these victims, donate to One Fund, etc. Just do whatever you can to help out. No one does this to our home. It just isn’t right.

Now back to my running. Some old injuries were creeping up this week, which is why my times are all over the place, but as I said, pace and fast times aren’t the goal. I’m not surprised the injuries are coming up because I took into account that I may be rushing into to running every day. I mean before I started I was running 2-3 times a week and to run 7 days a week for 26 days is a tough task for someone coming off injury. I’m staying cautious, but confident to get this done. I’ll update again next week.

May 12th - 1.0mi. 8:32
May 13th - 1.0mi. 8:35
May 14th - 1.0mi. 8:12
May 15th - 1.0mi. 7:34
May 16th - 1.0mi. 9:08
May 17th - 1.0mi. 9:12
May 18th - 1.0mi. 8:44

Saturday, May 11, 2013

9 Miles Down

I said in my previous entry that I wanted to do something to honor the Boston Marathon and its victims. It’s not the greatest idea that I had, but I decided to go forth with it anyway. From May 1st to May 26th, I decided to run a mile each day until I reached 26.2 miles, where the last day I run 1.2 miles instead of 1. Had a rough start, getting sick May 3rd and May 4th and was unable to run, but extended my program to May 28th to let it all add up correctly. I wear the “Boston Stands as One” shirt from Adidas on every run to honor it all. It allows me to also get back into a good fitness level and stay injury-free and sick-free. It’s been a lot of fun thus far and I know I’m far from being completed with it. 17 days left and I’m itchin’ to get out everyday and get my goals in. With school being over it only gives me more time to invest in it. Below is the results of times and distances of my runs using the Nike+ Sportswatch. Time isn’t really a big issue here, but I like to keep it as a statistic. I’ll try to keep everything updated each week so people who want to follow this will be informed. Once again, thanks to everyone who has honored this tragedy in their own way and for donated to One Fund.

May 1st
1.0mi. 8:50
May 2nd
1.0mi. 8:52
May 3rd
1.0mi. 7:56
May 6th
1.0mi. 9:12
May 7th
1.0mi. 9:00
May 8th
1.0mi. 9:09
May 9th
1.0mi. 9:16
May 10th
1.0mi. 8:14
May 11th
1.0mi. 9:08