Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 7 - Completion

7 weeks ago I embarked on a journey to get into a level of fitness I thought was right for me. After 7 weeks, I think I found that. It wasn’t much, but I enjoyed the summer weather that allowed me to get into a form that I could be satisfied with. It’s not like I was running 6 miles for running 5 minute miles again, but I saw the improvements and noticed the flaws that were present over the course of 7 weeks. I maxed out at 2.25 miles, but every run was at least a mile or more. I varied the pace to assure I was getting the correct strength work and recovery work. At the end of the journey there was only one thing I needed: rest. As a runner who has suffered through many injuries, as they had come up over the course of 7 weeks, rest is essential. I need to let my body recover and let myself be motivated enough to strengthen the weak areas so that injuries don’t return when I resume the running. It’s been a lot of fun. The next test is to see how well I handle the runs in colder conditions. The one important lesson I’ve learned from this is that I’ve still have a lot to learn. So I’ll take the week off to continue learning.