Friday, December 25, 2015

I Caught All (Available) Pokèmon

Achievement unlocked! Sorry, wrong platform. A lifelong achievement of mine since the 151 days was to finish the Pokèdex. As of right now, there are 720 available Pokèmon. I'm aware that there is #721, but it's not readily available at this moment to the world. So for now, I'm happy to have spent 391 unneeded hours to get "catch 'em all".

I trained most of them to level 50, or if their last evolution was past level 50, then to there. That's why it took longer that it should have, but I wanted to make it feel more worth it than it would be. Would I try to do it again? It's quite possible I would, but not right now. I'm just going to let the feeling sink in.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Every Facebook App on Google Play

I never noticed how many apps Facebook had in the app store until now. What you see below are my thoughts and experiences with each app and wonder why the app needed to be separate in the first place.


The hub for all your social media needs. Posting, arguing, groups, pages, chat (kind of), liking (not disliking, reactions coming at some point)


Exactly as it says. For some reason Facebook decided it needed to be its own entity and the native Facebook app cannot allow you to chat with your friends. You get asked to download the app to do so. Then if you want to chat with someone through the Facebook app, it inconveniently opens up the Messenger app. Why bother seeing what friends are online in the Facebook app if you can’t use the Facebook app to chat with them?


Exactly as it’s titled. An extension to the Messenger app, you can take a circular “selfie”, attach an emotion “reaction” that fits your photo’s purpose, and then send it out to your friends. Other than making the photo a cropped, circular shape, it doesn’t really take anything away from a full sized photo.


Facebook’s version of a GIF maker. Take a photo and have certain GIF-like effects to send to your friends. Not sure if something like that could catch on, honestly. Again, can only be used in conjunction with the Messenger app. The transition is seamless, but I don’t think it needs to be its own app.


Stickers. You’ve seen them before on the Messenger app. This app? Take a photo and attach one or many of the offered stickers before sending it to your friends on Messenger. I find that ok I guess. Could’ve been combined as an extension to something like Strobe, or even Slingshot before its slow and painful death. Did you know Snapchat has this functionality too? Innovation at its finest.

Sound Clips

I honestly thought this would be a separate app where you could record sound clips and send them to your friends via Messenger. BOY WAS DID I UNDERESTIMATE THAT. Look at all the categories of pre-recorded sound clips you can choose from! Do you communicate with sound anymore online?


Take a series of selfies where you can write captions to make it look like a meme. I don’t get it. Of course, an extension of the Messenger app.


It’s basically a dead app at this point. This was Facebook’s attempt to claw into SnapChat’s business. Sorry, SnapChat’s allure of nude photos is way too enticing compared to your Terms of Service, Facebook. I tried to log in with my Facebook account and it didn’t work. It appears you have removed it from its respective app stores. Retool and refocus this one if you want it to truly make a dent into SnapChat.


Exactly what it is. Facebook split off groups to make it “easier” for you to get updates for the groups you’re in. Groups over time I think have kind of lost its purpose in favor for Pages. It’s only if you were in Groups before Pages were a thing that it might seem relevant. Though here, it doesn’t have the Messenger requirement that you need to access your Groups via a separate app. You can still access groups from the Facebook app. There’s no consistency.


Making videos with friends. Your friends can add to the video that you create. The problem is you can’t see what friends have the app as well. Doesn’t make too much sense to have friends contribute if they can’t find your content. Can add clips to other videos from people you don’t know. For an app created by Facebook, I’m surprised I’ve never heard about until I searched the Google Play Store. Not good marketing and who knows how well the app is truly doing. Not well enough to be part of its metrics.


“Get the photos you didn’t take”
Can’t you just text people the photos they took of you? Actually, since you’re friends with them on Facebook (I would assume, because a stranger taking your photo is kind of weird), they can add it and just tag you in the photo. Then you can download the photo for your memories. Seems a little inconvenient to have a separate app do what your main app can do pretty easily. How do I know which of my friends have this app as well? If I send them photos, are they required to download the app and inconvenience themselves as well?


This one I find to be one of the creepiest ones of all. This app will sync with the Messenger app, Facebook, and your phone’s contact list. It’s basically call, text, caller ID all in one. You can block numbers that are commonly blocked by others as well. People and places can be searched using this app, which is the Facebook connection part. The creepy part is that you’ll be able to get information about a phone number, even if it’s not on your phone! So if someone’s number is public and on Facebook or synced with Messenger, you’ll get their name in your call history. That’s weird, right? I could see this being useful if it wasn’t linked to social media.


If your job has a social space, that’s basically what “Work” is. Connect with your coworkers and the work they’re doing. I’m curious to see if you have an existing Facebook account, can you integrate it with “Work”. Though professionally, that might not be a good idea.

Work Chat

I’m running under the assumption that this is the same effect with Facebook/Messenger. Can’t use Work to chat with your coworkers. Work Chat will open up instead. Then if you don’t have Work Chat installed, you’ll be asked to in order to chat with your coworkers. How inconvenient.

Pages Manager

Basically the Facebook app, but for the pages you manage. Why doesn’t Facebook force you to use this app to manage your pages? You see all your notifications and chat messages on here as well, but you aren’t force do to use it.

Facebook Ads

Exactly as it says. Create an ad on the go for your business. Not much to say about this one since I don’t own a business, but it seems to be its own separate entity. Not sure if it’s linked to the Pages Manager if you run a business page on Facebook, however.


Facebook’s developer conference app. That’s it.

So would you use any of these apps if it meant that you had to open up another one just to send a circular selfie or a sound clip to your friends on Messenger? Would you be willing to try a 24 hour photo sharing app made by Facebook if Snapchat didn't beat them to the punch? I certainly wouldn't. What an inconvenience.