Thursday, May 19, 2011

PT Week Four

My last week of physical therapy has given me some mixed results.Day 1: 6 minute bike warm-up, then stretches. After that, 2 sets of 20 side squats with medicine ball rotation. Then moving onto medicine ball throws front and side, 2 sets of 20 while on foam board. 2 sets of 20 hop lunges to the front, then to the side. Then calf stretches. Now onto the treadmill with a 2 minute walk, 6 minute jog, 3 minute walk, 3 minute jog, then 2 minute walk cooldown. More stretches, then 10 minute ice to end the day.
Overview: I’m still shocked as to how well the pain has subsided over the course of a month or so, but it’s definitely a positive thing. It still gets sore from time to time, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to running soon enough. I was advised to get into it very slowly, so definitely patience is a large virtue. Next week I’ll start my slow ascension, and hopefully some good results will come from it. I’m kind of nervous, since the injury has been such a burden, but I’m confident I will pull through. I’ve learned so much about my own body and the injuries that come with it, and that will help me grow as person/athlete/runner.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

PT Week Three

The third week of physical therapy is completed, and the progress over the week has been astonishing.
Day 1: 6 minute bike warm-up, then stretches on calves. 2 sets of 20 hop lunges to the front and sides to really control that impact. Then 2 sets of 20 on a plyo-box having one foot staying flat on the box, while lowering the other leg onto the ground. Next, 3 minute walk on the treadmill, then 4 minute jog on the treadmill, then 3 minute cooldown walk. 10 minute ice at the end.
Day 2: 6 minute bike warm-up, then the same stretches as day one. 1 set of 15 lunges going forward, then to the sides onto a foam pad. Then the 2 sets of 20 on plyo-box. After that, with a medicine ball, 20 side throws balancing on one foot. To end it, 2 minute walk on the treadmill, then 5 minute jog, then 2 minute cooldown walk. 10 minute ice to end it.
Overview: I’m a little shocked as to the rate of progression that they have seen through my short time there. Just last week I asked if I could start biking 20 minutes, and that had felt fine on Tuesday. Then I jumped into the jogging and that has had minimal problems. I’m still a little skeptical as to the rate I’m going, but I’m taking this as a big positive. My plan will still stay the same, however. I’m not going to rush into running anytime soon. I think it’s best to continue with the bike and progress slowly with some turf jogging mixed in between. As long as I continue my stretches and exercises, The recovery will be great.