Sunday, September 6, 2009

OwnagePranks - Comedic Controversy

Prank calls are something people do at least once in their lives, correct? Not everyone does it, I know, but it’s always something funny to do. I remember the first and last one I did. Except it wasn’t that funny because the person I called apparently had my home phone number. Talk about creepy. Nonetheless, prank calls are fun. I personally enjoy listening other people make prank calls because some people are so innovative and how they improvise in certain situations to make things funny for their audience. As for my topic of the day, OwnagePranks is a user from YouTube who I think makes hilarious phone calls. He does live shows when he’s got the time, and has thousands of users listening in when he’s up and running. Recently over the last couple months of vacation, however, he’s rolled into a little bit of problems with the YouTube staff.

The types of prank calls he makes are hilarious mostly because of the various types of accents he uses. I mean, they’re pretty realistic and the people he calls and interacts with makes it even funnier. YouTube, however, doesn’t really think so. OwnagePranks has received many warnings on his videos because it seems that he’s broken certain types of guidelines. Of course, YouTube never specified what kinds of guidelines he’s violated. Eventually, his account got terminated because of a video he uploaded. To check out the video that got him terminated, check out this link:

The termination got him pretty frustrated and his fans along with him. He constantly contacted YouTube to demand what guidelines he violated, and his fans followed with him. He and his fans e-mailed YouTube, flagged YouTube made videos, and even created a trending topic on Twitter. YouTube ignored all this and provided no response to OwnagePranks. I mean, I don’t understand why his page got terminated for prank calls when other users have violated much harsher guidelines than he has. I mean, does anyone remember that radio prank call to Sarah Palin? Shouldn’t uploading that video on YouTube terminate some users? If you don’t remember this, check out this link:

I mean, his prank calls are great, and he shouldn’t be terminated for guidelines that he wasn’t specified about. His YouTube page was pretty popular as well with thousands of subscribers and viewers everyday. He’s not partnered with YouTube, so getting that success without working with YouTube is pretty impressive. If you haven’t heard of his types of prank calls, I suggest you check out some of them. Since YouTube didn’t answer him, he created a new YouTube account. Check him out here: