Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Construction - Ruining Runs

It’s the summertime, and it apparently seems as if it’s the perfect time for construction crews to come out and attempt to “improve” the roads we live in. Seriously, they’re a fucking eyesore. For anyone living in Burlington, they’ve destroyed Francis Wyman road, and getting in and out of Boston is a disgusting mess.

Of course, per the relevance of my blog, I’m complaining about how the construction has been ruining my summer running thus far. I’ve created a series of routes to run through during the summer around my home, and much to my surprise and just my luck, construction seems to be going on right around each of those routes. The first question you’d probably ask is “Why don’t you just make a new goddamn route then”? Absolutely a valid question, but those routes require me to waste gas to drive around to them and start running them. Not an economically good choice for my standards.

I’m not trying to say that my running supercedes the town’s improvements (though it may sound that way), but it truly makes it a tough time just trying to get a jog in once in a while. I mean the dusty air around clogging your lungs and making you unable to even finish the run. It’s a killer.

Oh well, guess that’s my beef with the town and construction crews.