Saturday, August 27, 2011

Energy Bands - Are They Working?

Power Balance, Phiten, Pure Energy, Energy Armor, Equilibrium.

These are just a few brand names that are associated with claims that they can increase your fitness performance and among other things. I was just wondering whether they work or not. I haven’t seen much scientific proof readable to the public, so how do I know if it’s worth my time.

Just adding the persuasion to purchase one of these pieces of silicone, athletes have been endorsing some of these companies and offering testimonials that these little bands have allowed them to be faster, stronger, and more flexible. So we’re supposed trust our greatest athletes that a band can assist them in achieving the maximum potential in a competition?

So here’s what I know about these bands with a very quick research. Some of these bands (i.e. Power Balance) combine a holographic disk within the silicone that is supposed to react with your body. That is supposed to increase your strength, flexibility, and reduce fatigue. Now others (i.e. Energy Armor) claim the silicone band is merged in what is called “negative ions”, which are created from events in nature. That is supposed to produce many different results such as an increased focus, flexibility and balance, improve sleep, and even help you recover from injury much more quickly.

There’s also the case that it could all be mental. You want to believe it works so that when you put it on, you actually see the results after a workout or something. Just don’t get a Power Balance band, since they falsified all their claims several months ago about not having scientific evidence for the increase in performance.

As for me? I currently wear an Energy Armor band, which I wrote about earlier. I’m still skeptical about it, but the runs I’ve had with it on as opposed to it off have been much quicker than usual, and apparently I’m sleeping a lot better? Of course, it could still all be mental, but I want to play it out and see if it seriously works or not.