Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running Update - September

With time running out in the month, I’d figure I would update the blog with one more post for September. With a stressful couple of weeks I haven’t been able to think of topics or find time to post. So I’m going to write something easy, which is my running update thus far.

Since I haven’t updated my running since the PT posts, I’ve got a lot of ground to cover, but I’ll keep it brief. The summer was pretty much a build-up period in order to gain mileage and strength back into myself after a 10 month sting where I forced myself not to run so that the injury wouldn’t get worse. With orthotics and various exercise and stretches, the pain minimized greatly towards the end of the summer, but I’m lacking sufficient endurance to run the mileage I want.

It’s quite a rebuilding time period as it is. As of now, pain in certain areas have disappeared and wouldn’t come back unless I tried upping to much in mileage. Also, some old spots have started to become aggravated after trying to train myself to run with a forefoot prose. Hopefully with the continuing of stretching and strength exercises in the areas of my ankles/shins, that pain will go away.

Currently in miles in one sitting, I’m at about 2 miles, though it’s still tough to get those done. I wish I had the endurance I had in high school, but 10 months off is a real killer, and hopefully this slow build-up period will really benefit me in the long run.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why is it So Much Harder the Second Time Around?

It’s a brand new school year, with much more difficulties ahead. I can’t explain it, but for some reason the academic year is so much harder to get into as opposed to the first year. Is it because I’ve been here before and know how the system works and my mind just thinks it’s accustomed back into a groove? Or maybe it’s that I still got all that rust from the summer still coming off, so I’m behind on my studies?

I don’t want to dig myself into a whole and start failing classes 2 weeks into the year because I’m unable to study due to the laziness of summer or some shit like that. Although there’s one class that I’m 3 classes into, and I’m having a quiz next week, not know what the hell is going on in there. Maybe it’s the professor’s inability to explain what we’re trying to learn here. It’s probably that. In addition, most of us in there didn’t even know what book we need until the second class. Well, I’m going to have fun studying for that quiz.

I also found it a lot harder for me to read the textbooks. I mean, last year I’d be able to read the textbooks as if it was nothing. Now I can’t even focus on the words too much anymore. I just get off focus and skim until I’m done, not knowing what I just learned.

I’m hoping it’s just academic rust I’m getting rid of, and that it doesn’t kill me for the semester. I still got many weeks to go through until winter break.