Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Deleting My Facebook Account

I did it before about 6 years ago to try and keep my mouth shut. Guess how long I lasted? I think it was about 2 days.

I think it’s hard at this point in the digital age. It used to be that people called and texted each other to meet up in order to update on their lives. Now almost everything you want to know about your friends and family is on Facebook. It’s still the main hub of social interaction. I think you could only want to delete your Facebook account if you wanted to stay off of it while studying for final exams. Or if you actually wanted to have a lack of social interaction. Or if you still believe that calling and texting can still live on as the main point of contact.

Remember email?

I often wonder if I could delete my Facebook account again. Could I live off Twitter for a while? Would anyone notice if I suddenly dropped off the internet? As I continue with my existential life crisis, I would probably think no one would notice. The internet is fast paced. If you’re not there, you’re not there. You’re forgotten very quickly.

For now, I’ll stick with it, publicly making fun of this thing I call life.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

What I'm Good At

I pride myself in having a good memory. I can, for the most part, remember names with faces, random memories of how I met certain people, or really short memories that wouldn’t even make sense as to why my brain remembers them. I remember the good, the bad, and the ugly. It helps with the growing process. I don’t think I ever mentally blocked a memory or altered it in any way. Events in life come and go as they please. Remember them for what they are.

I’d like to consider myself a good listener. As a person who doesn’t have much to say in conversation, it’s good to listen. You learn about people’s experiences over time. Actually feeds to my lack of speech in conversation because now they’re answering all the questions I would have asked, had they not said anything.

Have I ever told you I pretty observant as well? I pick up on certain habits and I remember them over time. It’s kind of weird. I can analyze people with the information that’s presented and can make some pretty good assumptions about them. Also, with these observations, I can feed into certain tendencies, either to be funny or to help out in some way.

Other than that, I don’t think I’m much good anything else. Pretty useless in every other department.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Things Worth Waiting in Line For

I think food would be the obvious choice. When you’re hungry, you’re goddamn hungry. This is especially important if you have no other place to go in order to get food. If I was at a place whose line was too long, I’d probably leave and go somewhere else. As long as I have other options.

Aside from the obvious choice, I don’t think I’d wait in line for anything else. I don’t have much patience for waiting in line. Even if it was to get autographs from someone famous. I’m not interested in wasting half the day standing in a line trying to get an autograph from a celebrity.

Or even at a video game convention where they have tons of demos of games to play. The lines are obnoxiously long and the gameplay doesn’t exactly speed up the lines at all. I want to play the game, sure, but I won’t stand in line for 2 hours to get that chance. There are other things to walk around and take a look at as well.

No one has ever solved the line problem. Maybe there are just too many humans. Or no building big enough to disperse the lines and make the shorter. I don’t know.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Money Buys Happiness?

No way.

I don’t think I’ve ever been inherently happier with money. I mean, it’s always good to see the number in my bank account get higher, but it doesn’t leave an everlasting smile on my face.

What if you spend it on something? Are you giddy when  most of your paycheck goes into bills every month? Or the fact that you have to purchase food in order to get your daily dose of survival? Even when you spend it on things you actually want, are you any happier? That new 4k television making you smile for years on end? How about your new BMW?

You could say money could buy you happy feelings, but it’s only temporary.

Coming from the guy who’s barely ever been happy about anything… good topic to write on.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Why I Write

The million dollar question.

I don’t think it’s any question that my brain is a fountain of knowledge. Well, “knowledge” wouldn’t be the right term.

My brain is my worst enemy. It has a constant struggle with how the world is working. It doesn’t understand. It can’t let things be things. So I write them out, not to seek the comfort of others to ease the confusion, but to just put it off my mind.

It doesn’t always work. Sometimes even writing it puts makes my brain hurt more. I think those are the worst moments. It’s me and the keyboard and that isolated environment just causes more thinking.

I think it’s clear now, but I struggle with existence. I lack caring about certain values of life. Mainly because I don’t think I deserve them. More so that the world has somehow decided that I shouldn’t have them.

Writing has never been about getting attention. Honestly, I could care less about how many views or reads I get per post. I’ve learned that over time, the more I post, the more likely my audience will whittle down to the ones who will actually be interested in what I have to say. There’s always one person. It’s all about consistency and the legitimacy you have in your writing. The people who consume your writing can pick up right away whether or not your heart and soul is in it. That’s certainly a factor in building your audience. People like honesty, whether they agree with what you write or not. I like making fun of myself in my writing. Makes it more entertaining. It helps to open up to the internet with whatever is on my mind. Tears down a few walls here and there.

I think if you read more, you’ll find many hypocrisies about the things I convey. I’m not surprised. My brain has never been one to be clear about the things it struggles about. Day by day it changes, but it all boils down to the same, linear problems I find with the world and myself. I think I just need more sleep.