Friday, April 29, 2011

PT Week Two

The second week of physical therapy is over, and now it’s time for me to log what has happened this week. The real work really began through this week.
Day 1: 6 minute bike warm-up, then stretches on calves. Then 2 sets of 20 moving feet outward, inward, and dorsiflex to really work the ankle muscles. Used theraband for increased resistance. Next, lunges with feet landing on sloped foam pad, focusing on even foot pushoff (2 sets of 10 on each leg). Then 2 sets 10 on each leg of side lunges. To end the day, 2 sets of 10 squats on a wobble-board, and 10 minutes ice.
Day 2: 5 minute bike warm-up, then the same stretches as day one. The exercises were relatively the same, except the side lunges become 2 sets of 15 since I showed increased flexibility upon performing the lunges. Then instead of the wobble-board, it was 2 sets of 10 squats on a half-ball pad. Ice after of course.
Overview: Pain/soreness is typically felt during the morning hours, then it goes away during stretching. The strengthening is definitely going to help, even though my hamstrings feel extremely sore and tight. I’m confident I will be back to good health soon, and I have gotten clearance to try 20 minutes on the bike next week! So hopefully no problems will persist and I can increase the biking length.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

PT Week One

I’m trying to keep a personal log going on my progress in physical therapy so I can start running again, so I can keep myself in check. This week was all evaluation and testing to see what is the best course of action for my shins.

Day 1: Just a basic chat of how my injury occurred and where the pain is generally located. Took a look at my feet and watched how I walked down 25 feet. Overview, the orthotics that I have been wearing for about 3 years with no problem, could suddenly be a problem. I’d come back the second day to get a second opinion from another physical therapist.

Day 2: Second opinion about my feet. First, six minute bike ride for warm-up. No problems. More feet checking and walking to see how my feet work. I dorsiflex to cause a longer stride take down, and my feet are uneven upon impact to the ground, causing my foot to push down longer to take off. It’s possible that it’s a result of the orthotics I wore. Next, onto a machine that measures my arch type and center of gravity. It recommends me to wear an orthotic that has more support towards the back of the foot into the midfoot. After that, learned a new calf stretch.

Overview: The week has been awesome in terms to pain feeling. For some reason Wednesday onto Friday night I felt no pain or soreness in the shins. I didn’t really change anything in the exercises I did, so I guess it’s a little strange. I felt sore this morning, but iced it and it’s been feeling good since. When I get more exercises during week two, I bet I’ll surely be on my way to returning to my regular activities.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Essence of the Boston Marathon

Earlier in the week was probably one of the most fun and inspiring days of my life. Being in Boston for the 115th Boston Marathon was truly extraordinary. Of course, as I mentioned in previous posts that I didn’t get to run it as planned, but being a volunteer there had its perks.

The atmosphere is amazing with millions of people ranging from runners, parents, friends, etc. just to see or complete the 26.2 mile trek. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near the race itself (I was a couple blocks down from the finish line giving out water to finishers walking back to see their family). Still, exciting for the most part.

Being a volunteer, it’s always nice to give the runners a smile just to show we’re appreciative that they took this challenge to run the marathon, and congratulate them after finishing since they’re feeling miserable after it. I give all these runners my kudos and utmost respect, because I want to run beside these people one day.

Other than that, I love the creativity some runners have! Some people ran in some of the most ridiculous costumes and finished the race. There was a caveman who ran barefoot. I mean, barefoot the 26.2 miles! Amazing feat. There were people dressed as hamburgers, one dressed as Elvis. I love the creativity. It really keeps the fun inside running. You’d definitely think these people were crazy for doing that, but in this environment of the marathon, you got to be open to anything.

Whether I’m running or volunteering next year, I’m hoping for the same excitement as I had from this year. Maybe next time I’ll actually see some people running!