Friday, March 31, 2017

Productivity and Organization

I think we as humans in this day and age, it’s in our nature to procrastinate. There is no getting past that. With the improvement of technology, I think it helps us procrastinate even more. Or it just makes us look stagnant as we point and click to use the Facebook app.

We never seem to have enough time to do anything we want. Even the stuff we don’t want to do (like homework), there isn’t time for our brains to get working and get it done in a timely manner. We want to be productive, but the limited hours in the day just don’t allow us to do it all the time. As a high schooler it was what, 6-7 hours of classes, then if you were in clubs, band, chorus, or a sports team, that’s about 2-3 hours. By the time you get home, you’re rushing to eat and shower. When it’s time to do homework, either The Simpsons or American Idol is on, so you want that one hour of relaxation. When that’s done, you’re doing homework from 9pm to who knows when. It’s tough. College was probably even tougher. As much as you want to be great at academics, there are so many things you want to test your social boundaries with. Time is of the essence. Productivity is when you feel you’re getting the most out of your time. There is some undetermined time to productivity ratio with each activity and we all want to meet that. It’s hard. We’d rather be eating ice cream while sitting on the couch watching a soap opera.

Organization is another thing. Being organized is an important part of being productive, I believe. It allows for less time to be wasted when you’re investing in an activity. Organization as it’s own quality, I think it’s important to have as a good practice. I see too many people with stacks of papers on top of their desks, looking for the set of notes they just took an hour ago. Or how they can’t recognize the clean clothes from the dirty clothes because they’re just sprawled all over their bedroom floor. To me, organization is important. It keeps me in check, helps me remember where things are. It’s something I pride myself in. It certainly helps with adapting to quick changes in work and life.

Be productive and organized. Don’t waste time. I’ve only got 15 years to live anyway.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time Management

This is one the important qualities to me. Managing what you do with your time is key because we really don’t have a lot of time to do anything, nowadays. It’s basically wake up, work, come home, two hours (roughly) of free time, then sleep. Repeat that for the days ahead.

When you have the time to do what you want, how do you organize that together so that your free time isn’t wasted? Fortunately, it seems as if your entire life was built on practicing how to properly manage your time. You continuously run through the motions to make sure your time is fully invested on what you want to do, instead of being a complete bore.

To me, time management is a process. It’s about listing the things I really want to do first, so that I know that the use of my time is a success. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out. I’ve mostly got into a funk where I’ve been too tired to use my free time and would rather just sit and be bored and attempt to nap. Though we all know I am mostly incapable of taking a nap at any point in the day. It takes a red eye flight and job interviews to get me to take a nap, which entails falling asleep while trying to eat my dinner.

I mean, at the time of writing this, I should probably be going to sleep, but instead, I’m here, writing some mindless babble. I’ll evaluate if it’s a good use of my time eventually.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

What Motivates Me?

This is the most essential thing in life, in my opinion. It’s what shapes our future. Everyone is motivated by something, we just need it to be clear and concise for it to drive us.

Everything that motivates someone in one category can be applied to another category, that is what I believe to be a true motivator. It’s ok to have more than one thing that motivates you, but I like just having one that can be spread among different aspects of life. For my brain, it keeps things simple.

I always think that the fear of failure is what motivates me to keep doing the things I do. I hate failing. I hate the feeling of failing. I especially hate thinking I am a failure. I work so hard, not for praise as the endgame, but to avoid the potential negative result that comes when things don’t done. That is especially true in a work setting, whether it’s not getting something done in time, or screwing up a scheduled event, etc.

As for aspects of my life, it’s especially important. From a fitness standpoint, I love to run and it’s such a benefit to me that I’m very self-driven to go out and run, even though I’m not doing it with a competitive goal in mind. However, I can be very lazy about it sometimes and that’s tough. I never want to get into the habit of shortening my workouts because then I don’t see the gain from it. I just see someone who just wants to get through it and check it off their list for the day. That’s not what I want. I want the workout to be worth it and enjoyable, not tiring and unbearable. I don’t want to fail myself.

I think, most important of all, I would never want to fail my friends and family. There are just so many tenets to what makes you a good friend or good family member I try, to the best of my abilities, to follow them. However, nobody’s perfect and things do more or less go wrong. That’s tough because you feel as if you let down everyone’s expectations or general impressions of your character. It’s hard to recover from that. I try to be as helpful as possible, without asking anything in return because, with friends and family, there is no “You owe me”. Or should there be?

Motivation is key. That is what I try to remind myself from time to time. It’s so vague and open to interpretation, but that’s what makes it so effective.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Superpower I Want

I want to go the selfish route, so shut up.

I absolutely want the power to have any power. Color me God in this picture. No weaknesses, total control. It’s like the dictator of the world without declaring yourself as one.

You can’t answer this question without selfish and selfless reasons, however. I mean, to be able to stop the growth of your finger and toenails so that you don’t have to cut them!? That is the most tedious part of the human evolution.

Let’s talk driving. No need for it. I could fly or teleport. I don’t have any need to be stuck in traffic or have to buy a plane ticket. Or go through a TSA pat-down.

Cooking? Forget it. Money? No need. A snap of the finger could bring my wildest culinary imaginations to life, without the need to focus on dollars. Hell, I can pay off the IRS with the snap of a finger as well.

Now to play “God” in this sense is not to be like Bruce Almighty and put all the prayers on a computer. I am not religious. The word “prayer” does and means nothing to me. Even the word “God” doesn’t connote a high religious figure. I just have power.

I could do the right thing, as long as I feel like it. With such power, what is the scale of right and wrong? Saving people from a national disaster, all the way to simply helping an elderly person cross the street. Pay it forward. Make a homeless person rich by snapping some fingers and generating a sum of money for them. I do a good deed, but it’s up to them make that deed worth it. I can save the world, eliminating one dumb political article at a time, or simply saving all the Lois Lanes of the world.

Plus I can pick immortality. Living forever. Though I want to die by 40, so that might not help. I’ll have to push the immortality button off.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How I Take Criticism

I hope I take it well. Criticism is what keeps you going to improve. It keeps you level headed because you’re not striving for perfection. It is just not possible to be perfect. The work won’t stop. It’s the journey that makes the work most enjoyable.

I always take it back to my competitive running days. My coach had always said negative criticism is the most important criticism because no matter how good your performance was, there’s always something wrong with it. Of course, as growing teenagers, you want to be careful on how that criticism is taken, so you don’t discourage yourself from the sport. So I’ve always taken that seriously. Ok, I paced myself well, but where could I have made moves within the race to make it difficult for my opponent to stay competitive? How was my form? How can I improve my mechanics so I’m not wasting energy each stride? It’s always the little things.

Back to the topic. I’ll take criticism as well as I can. Typically emotionless and dead faced. Though inside it’s uncomfortable to hear it, but that’s the trade off. It’s never going to be comfortable because someone is essentially evaluating you. The thoughts are simple. Are they trying to develop me into something more, or are they trying to bring me down, to the point that I am driven away and am nothing? That depends on the person and their mindset. What do they want to get from what they hear? It’s something to struggle with. Something to continue thinking about.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Seeking Advice on the Internet

This depends on the type of advice you’re looking for. Is it like me where I WebMD almost every symptom I have that is abnormal before considering going to a doctor? Fun fact, I normally don’t end up going to the doctor either way.

Can advice be as simple as reading something online? Google something and read a page that has relatively all the answers you’re searching for? I don’t know how frequent online forums are for people seeking advice on certain topics, but I’m sure it’s still a good route to go. Everyone is anonymous (for the most part), so I guess it makes it a little bit easy to open up and get an opinion.

Another fun fact: Recently I googled how to talk to women because I was convinced my introvertedness made me incapable of forming coherent sentences when talking to females.

Do your friends count as the internet? I mean, chatting online with them, seeking advice when you are unable to use your words in person at that moment. That could count I guess. In this age of technology, how many deep talks are we having in person anyway? Makes it easier to contact a person when you need them at that current moment.

Advice on the internet comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it comes when you aren’t even actively seeking it. I mean, I’m still trying to figure out if I have value in this world and I try to absorb the experiences of others to see if I can formulate and answer to my question. Everyone has a thought about life and I’m just trying to understand it.

Though I might never find an answer, but it’s a journey that’s going to have ups and downs and I might be ok with that. Now back to Google...