The Superpower I Want

I want to go the selfish route, so shut up.

I absolutely want the power to have any power. Color me God in this picture. No weaknesses, total control. It’s like the dictator of the world without declaring yourself as one.

You can’t answer this question without selfish and selfless reasons, however. I mean, to be able to stop the growth of your finger and toenails so that you don’t have to cut them!? That is the most tedious part of the human evolution.

Let’s talk driving. No need for it. I could fly or teleport. I don’t have any need to be stuck in traffic or have to buy a plane ticket. Or go through a TSA pat-down.

Cooking? Forget it. Money? No need. A snap of the finger could bring my wildest culinary imaginations to life, without the need to focus on dollars. Hell, I can pay off the IRS with the snap of a finger as well.

Now to play “God” in this sense is not to be like Bruce Almighty and put all the prayers on a computer. I am not religious. The word “prayer” does and means nothing to me. Even the word “God” doesn’t connote a high religious figure. I just have power.

I could do the right thing, as long as I feel like it. With such power, what is the scale of right and wrong? Saving people from a national disaster, all the way to simply helping an elderly person cross the street. Pay it forward. Make a homeless person rich by snapping some fingers and generating a sum of money for them. I do a good deed, but it’s up to them make that deed worth it. I can save the world, eliminating one dumb political article at a time, or simply saving all the Lois Lanes of the world.

Plus I can pick immortality. Living forever. Though I want to die by 40, so that might not help. I’ll have to push the immortality button off.