Time Management

This is one the important qualities to me. Managing what you do with your time is key because we really don’t have a lot of time to do anything, nowadays. It’s basically wake up, work, come home, two hours (roughly) of free time, then sleep. Repeat that for the days ahead.

When you have the time to do what you want, how do you organize that together so that your free time isn’t wasted? Fortunately, it seems as if your entire life was built on practicing how to properly manage your time. You continuously run through the motions to make sure your time is fully invested on what you want to do, instead of being a complete bore.

To me, time management is a process. It’s about listing the things I really want to do first, so that I know that the use of my time is a success. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out. I’ve mostly got into a funk where I’ve been too tired to use my free time and would rather just sit and be bored and attempt to nap. Though we all know I am mostly incapable of taking a nap at any point in the day. It takes a red eye flight and job interviews to get me to take a nap, which entails falling asleep while trying to eat my dinner.

I mean, at the time of writing this, I should probably be going to sleep, but instead, I’m here, writing some mindless babble. I’ll evaluate if it’s a good use of my time eventually.