Saturday, July 24, 2010 - Honesty Box Part 2?

I’m a big Facebook guy. I don’t really know why, but the whole social networking this seems to be so addicting and fascinating to me. Well, I bring to my blog today to review some very interesting social networking applications. We all remember a specific one such as “Honesty Box”. That’s the crazy application that allows literally anyone say something about you anonymously. Of course, the people who add this application are expecting really good compliments, but obviously that’s not the case. I’m not really sure why people would want to endure the sheer insults put into the application, but sure, it’s only a fad.

That soon died down and here we are in 2010, with a new type of fad. This one, known as “” involves asking questions anonymously (or not) to people who have created their own account. When you think about it, it’s kind of the same thing as Honesty Box. I mean, no one actually asks a question on that thing, but rather decides to express their own opinion in 12 point font on a computer. Most people just have this formspring for pure entertainment to read these kinds of criticisms.

Of course, I’m not writing this about the general public. I also am a victim of this social fad, purely for the entertainment of it. I’m fully aware that people can dislike me for various reasons would have nothing better to do than to ask me a really insulting question or describe me in an extremely risqué adjective.

Well, I hold my formspring to high standards, only answering legitimate questions, no matter how harsh they might come out as. It keeps it interesting, I suppose. I mean, it’s only a fad surely to die down within the coming months.

But if it’s not and you’re suddenly coming across reading this, you can go onto my and ask me a really interesting question, or decide to criticize me in an affectionate way.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canada: What's Wrong With It?

My recent visit to second home Canada has caused me to write about certain complications I hear about the country itself. I personally believe that Canada is a great country to be in. It is a wide area to observe just about anything. The views are pretty awesome. My only question is, what do we really hate about it?

In conversation that pertains to the country, people seem to take a negative view towards Canada. I just don’t understand it. I mean, I know they have free health care and such, but do we really hate them for that? Or is it because their obnoxious hockey fans from Montreal are, well, obnoxious? It’s probably just Canadian hockey in general and how our patriotism claims we’re better than them in their own sport. I mean, any country can say that.

I can’t find the clear answer for a dislike of Canada, but people seem to like it for reason such as the trip to consume amounts of alcohol without getting in trouble because you’re under 21, but drinking because you’re 18 or 19 years of age in the area. That seems to be the most favorable view. It’s not my most acceptable view to be like that country, but hey, it’s what teens love nowadays.

I’ll probably never find the answer to why there’s a dislike to Canada. I’ll probably gather up more reasons than real solutions to that question.