Canada: What's Wrong With It?

My recent visit to second home Canada has caused me to write about certain complications I hear about the country itself. I personally believe that Canada is a great country to be in. It is a wide area to observe just about anything. The views are pretty awesome. My only question is, what do we really hate about it?

In conversation that pertains to the country, people seem to take a negative view towards Canada. I just don’t understand it. I mean, I know they have free health care and such, but do we really hate them for that? Or is it because their obnoxious hockey fans from Montreal are, well, obnoxious? It’s probably just Canadian hockey in general and how our patriotism claims we’re better than them in their own sport. I mean, any country can say that.

I can’t find the clear answer for a dislike of Canada, but people seem to like it for reason such as the trip to consume amounts of alcohol without getting in trouble because you’re under 21, but drinking because you’re 18 or 19 years of age in the area. That seems to be the most favorable view. It’s not my most acceptable view to be like that country, but hey, it’s what teens love nowadays.

I’ll probably never find the answer to why there’s a dislike to Canada. I’ll probably gather up more reasons than real solutions to that question.