Take responsibility. It takes a lot of learning from within to know when to hold yourself accountable, or even to hold others accountable. We learn more from our mistakes because they hurt yourself and others. Pain is memorable. Sometimes, that’s a good feeling. It means you care enough to make sure it never happens again. I’ve experienced by observation the lack of accountability. It’s strange. One is allowing an endless cycle of inefficiency because the other isn’t aware that they’ve made a mistake. How will they learn? Simply, they won’t. Only a matter of time before it hits again. What is it? Poor mentorship or management? In that case, one must learn to hold themselves accountable. Takes years to be self-aware. There’s no true methodology to it. Just going through the motions. This piece might have been a mistake. It’s ok. I’m already holding myself accountable. I should be sleeping instead. More efficient use of my time.