You Can’t Teach Good Habits

I suppose “good” is a loose term here. A person’s habits are considered good (or bad) depending on the situation they’re in, correct? Everyone does things a certain way or has a type of mindset based on their own experiences. These habits stick with them because they’re used to it, comfortable with it, make things easy, or go with the flow (positively or negatively).

Change is hard. You’ve all heard the phrase. Changing your habits is harder, in order to fit the needs of the current situation one is in. Adaptability is such a key still to have here, since it allows the openness in oneself to go out of their comfort zone to essentially build another comfort zone for the future. It’s impossible to teach, but not out of the realm of possibility for someone to realize that habits must change. One can lay the breadcrumbs for the other, but if they don’t bite, then moot point.

What happens if one doesn’t change their habits? They fall behind the trend, become frustrated, resistant to the current changes. They hinder the progress of the change. This is regardless of whether the change is a positive one or not, or the general reception of it. Not everyone is going to be happy with changing, that’s just the reality of it. Many a time I have seen old habits continue on as things evolve because they’re not embracing the change and decided it’s better to fall back than look for or go with new solutions.

It really isn’t easy. I can attest to this. It took me 6 months to change the way I think, how I see things, in order to build something out of nothing to benefit me and others. I had to let go of playing lone wolf and become more of a team player, a facilitator, and many more things. Embrace the fact that I can’t do the things I want to do all the time. It’s a growing opportunity to learn new habits. It helps become a jack of all trades because then you can adapt to many situations. Your mind can be split into different characters to meet the needs of many environments. That sounds kind of cool.

Then again, I haven’t written many things that make sense, so it’s possible this doesn’t sound very cool at all. You might just have to give this a shot and let me know if I’m just crazy.