Do I Get Enough Sleep?

If you know me well enough, the answer would be no.

If you consider that I get the standard 6-8 hours every night, the answer is yes. The reason why it’s no is because it never ever truly feels like restful sleep.

I’ve tried all possible methods I could think of. Melatonin or reading before bed never helped. Not even exercise could keep me asleep. Too much waking up at 2am every night or tossing and turning an hour before your alarm clock goes off to get ready for work. Talk about unfortunate timing.

The only ideal solution would be to go to bed later, so that I’m actually more tired and will fall asleep for easily. The drawback is that now I’ll get less hours of sleep and probably will wake up with a headache because my body knows I didn’t get enough sleep.

For an activity so awesome such as sleeping, I am just terrible at it. I won’t resort to Nyquil, since that’s basically fake sleep and I’d like Nyquil to actually work in the event I get sick.