Above and Beyond

Has anyone ever really wanted to go above and beyond? A desire to do more than what is required? Is that like showing your work solving a math problem? I guess not, when the teacher tells you to show your work.

Humans are inherently lazy, right? Whether it’s just looking at a small demographic or some Harvard study you read on the internet because everything we read on the internet is believable, something says we are lazy. We live by the bare minimum.

So what drives us to do more? If we don’t, are we not unique? If we don’t, do we lose our opportunity to be promoted? If we don’t, are we the first ones rushed out the door? Is going above and beyond just trying to impress the person above you? I feel as if that’s all it is. What are the other reasons to doing it? I’m not really sure. Maybe to pay the bills? Support the family? Does it depend on the time period of life? The reason must change as we age.

I’m trying to find validation for doing more than what is required. I don’t seek praise for my work. I can just predict what requires a little more effort. Though, that’s not a skill you can learn at every place. I always tell myself that I need to do more, HAVE to do more. I just can’t figure out the reason why. I’m not looking to be recognized for my hard work, not looking for a promotion or a raise (maybe I should be). Is it because if I don’t, I may regress into a more sedentary work style? It’s like a relapse, maybe.

I know what it’s like to be lazy. I’ve seen it. We’ve all seen and experienced it. We’re allowed to have our lazy moments. I still do. I consider me writing this piece part of being lazy because I still don’t even want to write it because I think it’s terrible. I’ve just learned to work hard over the years and I’m still learning how to work hard. I don’t think I’ve worked this hard since high school (not talking about the education part of it). There’s something quite rewarding about hard work and even more rewarding about working a little extra. It’s just sometimes, it feels like a pretty significant sacrifice. How’s your sanity after all of it? How often do you feel it was worth it?

Have I confused you yet? I can almost bet you I jumped in about 4 different directions writing this. I need a nap.