What Could I Live Without?

Without having to cut my nails every couple of weeks.

No seriously, I want to live without having to cut my nails every couple of weeks. When will we as humans evolve to a point where this isn’t necessary? Same thing with hair. Why can’t we just tell our body that we want things a certain length and it stays that way. Let’s be on the same wavelength here.

As for anything else that is truly relevant, this might be a little difficult to think about. I’m sure there are plenty of things I am living without right now that I’m perfectly fine with, but I can’t think of them. Food and water are essential, so I definitely can’t cross those off. I can live without a bike. I mean, I mostly have been for years. I can’t remember the last time I actually rode one.

I can probably live without cable television. I mean, so much stuff is online anyway, so what’s the point of paying for it? I probably don’t even need a TV either. I can watch most stuff from a computer monitor with no issues. Quality of the video isn’t even an issue either. As long as I can watch it with relative clarity, I have no complaints.

I’m not sure of anything else though. My brain has run out of thoughts.