San Francisco Adventures 2018

Sometimes, you just need to stop what you’re doing and go exploring with your brain mostly turned off.

Here I go again, back to the west coast, just a different city. Per usual, the goal was to eat my fill will trying to get all the general tourist attractions out of the way. San Francisco is beautiful, but not without its flaws, but what is a city without its flaws?

The first day just involved getting some bubble tea from reputable places (because I did my homework) and walking around Chinatown, making subtle comparisons to the Boston one. I think there are more gift shops in that Chinatown, no surprise, really. I’d recommend Hogwash, pub-style restaurant with over 30 craft beers on tap and some of the most delicious sausage I’ve ever had. Good find for our first dinner destination.

iTea, our first bubble tea destination.

Day 2 began our long walk to the port and Fisherman’s Wharf. Mostly taking in the sights while exhausting our feet until lunch at Crab House. Lots of water to see, distant views of towers and World War II ships and sea lions just laying about. Of course, on the way back, some bubble tea at a different establishment and closing it out with sushi, taking a shot of sea urchin. That was truly something new.

Second bubble tea destination, Boba Guys.

Shot of Sea Urchin!

Day 3 was Golden Gate and probably the most tired my feet have ever been. It was a journey just to even walk to the bridge, since we wanted to stop somewhere to get a good view for pictures. Then we began our 1.7 mile (one direction) across the bridge, which is pretty narrow considering it needs to accommodate walkers, runners, and bikers. Is it prideful to say I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back? Or is it just a thing to check off the tourist handbook? I think it’s the second one. We later made the trek back to see the Crooked Street, which I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to drive down it, but at least it looks pretty. Closed the day with some Chinese food (go figure, but they had delicious fried chicken!) and one last bubble tea stop at another place, which serves their drinks in glass bottles, which I took home as a souvenir.

Crooked Street

Fried chicken from San Tung.

Last bubble tea destination, Plentea. Came in a glass bottle!

The final day. Alcatraz Island. A place with a huge reputation where some of the biggest criminals were housed in. Despite the creepy feeling and chills I got while walking around the prison, ignoring the audio tour, there were some great sights to take in. You can find beauty anywhere, if you’re willing to look for it. Can’t cap off the trip any better than that.

Just use your senses and focus on the present moment. Absorb it all. Experience is good. Leveling up in life is wonderful. Onto the next adventure.