My Go To Person

Many of us have that friend we can go to for almost anything. It’s truly something special when you got that. In social media, you’ll see posts almost worshiping them because what they do for you is remarkable. Let me talk about mine without sounding as cheesy as possible. This probably doesn’t do the person justice either.

Meet Corey. “Software Developer, serial traveler, and climber of rocks”. I’ve known Corey for about 7 years now, meeting in college after hanging out with some classmates after wrapping up finals. When we first met, he thought I was the same age as him. He’s 2 years older than I am, the same age as my oldest brother. The mindfuck it gave him when he realized this was pretty funny.

His fondest memory of me is something I don’t even remember, probably with good reason given the moment. So in class, apparently I was drifting off, into nowhere, when suddenly I’m asked by the professor to answer a question. Apparently I answered the question somewhat correctly, then proceeded with a further response as to where to find the answer in the exact chapter and section of our textbook. Now, I’m not saying that’s not something I would know because at that time, I probably did know, but Corey was thinking I know my shit and I just don’t recall any of this.

We grew to be great friends through class and our love of playing Halo. He is much better than I am and to show you that, here’s a video I made a few years ago.

That’s the backstory. It’s great to know someone with common interests professionally and unprofessionally. It’s how you make friends, right? By finding things you both like.

We both come from different facets of life. Some tougher than most. We’re smart, or so we like to think we are. We’re hard workers, when we want to be, given the opportunity to prove it.

All I can say is, the man has helped me through some pretty dark days. It’s about learning how to move forward from the disappointment and the mistakes. Where’s the silver lining in out of all of it? I’m not a person who feels 100% confident in many things. Instead of being stuck like that, I got Corey to push me out of it and move on to the next thing.

The best thing about friends like that is you’re able to learn from each others experiences and makes each person become better. Plus, those are the kinds of people who stick around because you want them around.

So thanks, buddy. Play Halo with me more.

Now to shamelessly plug all of this stuff.