A News Filled January

Well, it’s 2012 and I’ve finally had the motivation to write a new post. Lately with the laziness of a month long vacation and a new job has left me too tired to think of a topic to write about. Yeah, but I did get a new job, one actually involving computers and not track or club promotion. I guess I’m finally growing up in a way.

Now, in my last post of 2011, I said I was going to write about my New Year’s Resolution, and I’m delivering it.

I think that photo says it all. No soda for a year. Through my years of track I’ve learned that soda can be pretty bad for you, and I had substantially cut it away from my diet during high school. I had carried it with me into college, occasionally drinking it as a guilty pleasure when I got sick of constantly drinking the same old shit all the time. Now, if I can go all of 2012 without soda, it’ll feel like a true mission accomplished for my body.

Anyway… lots of things in January have caught my attention thus far. Like this bullshit.

I don’t watch football a lot, let alone do I enjoy football either, but this might be one of the single most annoying things I’ve ever seen since planking over the summer. They call “Tebowing” the new “planking”. Sounds great. If that allows Tim Tebow to win football games, become 8-8, and perform miracles against the Pittsburgh Steelers, then do whatever makes you happy.
Another thing that caught my attention this month is the Katy Perry/Russell Brand divorce. Many people are truly saddened by this divorce for some reason. I’m a Katy Perry fan myself, but I mean, Russell Brand was a sex addict. A sex addict! I’m not sure if that was a turn-on for Katy or something like that. That’s all I have to say about that. At least I don’t have to see this face with Katy again.
Last thing I have in mind is this.

Not a politics guys, but I find listening about Mitt and the Republicans annoying. This is my guy for president.