Are We Really That Lazy?

I’m pretty surprised with the fact on how lazy our country is collectively. I mean, exhibiting some things in my own community makes me all the more surprised. I just read something rating our own United States of America as the laziest country in the world in terms of caloric intake per day (hinting obesity), hours of television watched, hours of internet use, and lack of exercise. Can we really be that bad?

I’ve heard the news about obesity being a problem in the world and schools attempting to make their foods healthier. I guess we really love food too much to burn it off. One basic thing that proved my point on how lazy we are was parking. How and where people park their cars can be a true indicator on how lazy a person is. I say the closer you park, the lazier you are. I mean, you can’t spend an extra 3-5 minutes parking far away and walking to your destination in a crowded parking lot? Instead you have to drive up close, look around for someone leaving, and park in their spot, which I think takes much more time.

I mean, parking far away is good exercise too. It’ll get all those critics off our backs about how fat our general population is. Well, not really, but it should be worth a try. A little exercise here and there never hurt anybody (at least as far as I know). Let’s not be lazy and get out and prove critics wrong or something. Or we can start a world war or something (I’d much rather not).