The College Life – A World to Explore

As I sit here late into the night entering my second week of college, there’s much to say, but it’s not really organized. College is great. It’s a brand new environment free from the reigns of your parents (unless you’re some commuter). Who would’ve thought it’d be that much different and interesting than high school and living in your home town?

The class schedule you’re given seems to be manageable other than the typical high school one. You got two, three, or maybe even four classes a day and a certain times you get a break in between. It’s as if you’ve got a whole day ahead of you. Even though you have to be stuck for a few hours in class, you suddenly have much more free time on the weekdays granted you’ve finished all your homework.

Then there’s the entire campus and the town/city you’re living in. It must be huge! A whole experience just waiting out there for you. Your independence is allowing you to take on new heights. Of course, use that independence wisely. Party hard, but not too hard, and make sure school is somewhat your priority. I mean, that’s basically the whole point of being in college. If you’re there for the parties, what’s the point of going through hours of classes then? Just hold your own parties at your own house or something.

College is great, once again. Many of them with their state of the art technology and 21st century innovations and breakthroughs right in front of you. It’s interesting and a great environment to be in. I still got the whole four years thing to go through, and I’m sure it’ll be great along with everyone else’s experiences.